NYX Face Awards 2020 – Free Challenge – ButterElf

La canicule a faillit avoir ma peau mais j’ai quand même pu finir ce makeup que je présente pour la nouvelle édition des Nyx FA France 2020 ! Avec toutes ces choses sombres et angoissantes qui se passent dans le monde, j’avais envie d’incarner quelque chose de coloré et de féérique. Léger, comme un papillon. Magique comme un elf. Et […]

Easter Makeup

I had so much chocolate around Easter that I made myself really grossed out, almost sick. Just looking at chocolate made me gag… So, I solemnly promised the God All Mighty of Chocolate that I would never have it ever again, just like with a really bad hangover when you very seriously swear to your friends you’ll never drink AGAIN […]

Chessboard Illusion Makeup

Who knew drawing a stupid square on your face could be so hard, huh? Would you believe me if I told you it’s even harder than doing two matching winged eyes ? I know !!!! That’s how difficult it is, yup ! So when I decided to draw not only a square on my face, which is nowhere near flat, […]

Ribbon Illusion Makeup – Celebrating Spring

Welcome to my ?? ‘Unfolding Spring’ ?? Illusion Makeup Tutorial ! Every single year, as the tulips and crocus and fruit trees come out of their long sleep I can’t help but feel the same wonder. I know I should be used by now to the fact that every year flowers bloom again lol but hey! their fragile beauty touches […]

Saint Patrick Day Makeup

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day ! Dia dhuit ! (that’s hello in Irish, according to google translate ^^) Welcome to my St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial ! Have you ever wanted to wear an outrageously green eye makeup and still look fabulous? Then you’ve come to the right place =) (I think lol). In today’s article I will […]

Golden Snitch – Harry Potter

Harry Potter is my whole life. ^^ Not only did I grow up with the books (yes Harry Potter is a book, not just movies kids lol and the books are waaaaaaay better) but I used to fall asleep e-ve-ry-sin-gle night either by reading the books, watching the 1st movie (only the 1st one yeah) or listening to an audio […]

Peeling Fabulous Illusion Makeup

Hey! How’re you peeling? … lol Sorry I love puns so much … (perhaps a bit too much =D) I hope you’re doing well and that you will enjoy my interpretation of Igor Morski’s mind blowing artwork ! =) That’s his beautiful work on the left picture and my makeup on the right. I loooooove optical illusions ; they fascinate […]

Bushfires in Australia

I couldn’t sit back knowing what’s going on in Australia at the moment. What a nightmare. So many animals have died and are still in distress right now… Over 1300 houses destroyed… 23 people have died (perhaps more), 28 are missing… I can’t even wrap my head around the terrible numbers… Over 5.9 million hectares of land have burnt??? It […]