Bushfires in Australia

I couldn’t sit back knowing what’s going on in Australia at the moment. What a nightmare.

So many animals have died and are still in distress right now… Over 1300 houses destroyed… 23 people have died (perhaps more), 28 are missing…

I can’t even wrap my head around the terrible numbers… Over 5.9 million hectares of land have burnt??? It just makes me so sad.

I don’t watch tv, (especially the news) because it’s just always so horrible… but I saw a few pictures of the bushfires and there was one that just broke my heart. This koala was burnt in all four members and lying down unconscious.. That’s just one Koala. I read up to 8000 have died?? 1/3 of the population? I just can’t… it makes me cry just writing it.

And when I start thinking about all the people there who have lost everything or someone…

I wish I was a millionaire and I could donate half a million dollar to Australia. I wish I could just fly there right now and help rescue the poor animals, help people with their houses… I don’t know what I would do but I wish I could just go and give a hand.

I am asking you to please share this post and to click the link in my bio, if you want to help. Share the post on facebook, on instagram, anywhere, by email. And let’s all try to help Australia get through this.

So I decided to follow the movement launched by my fellow artists and create my own piece, inspired by this sad sad heartbreaking tragedy.

Even if all you can do is share this post, it’s something!

Even if all you can do is give $1 it’s a lot for those who have lost everything. Imagine if 1 million of us gave just $1?

We could change people’s life and help reforest and heal animals… We are like the threads in a rug.

We all matter and there’s no such thing as a small contribution.

Please share. Raise awareness.

Thank you so much for reading and helping.

Here’s where you can donate to those in need :

– To help with the relief and recovery efforts made possible by the redcrossau

– To help wildlife victims from the fires, donate to wireswildliferescue

– The salvosau are assisting with medium and long-term disaster relief, support them here

– Donate to the foodbankaus to help provide food to those in need

– To help the nswrfs you can donate here

– Help the Country Fire Association of Victoria here

– To donate to the South Australian Country Fire Service here

– givit_aus is a not-for-profit organization that cares for those in need by letting you donate goods it then passes on. It accepts items or money here

– rspcaaustralia protects the pets, livestock and wildlife affected by bushfires, helping evacuate animals from disaster zones here

– Comedian celestebarber is running a fundraiser for the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades donations fund.

– Those displaced by the bushfires @airbnb have free accommodation in certain areas of New South Wales and Victoria via its Open Homes initative here

– The vinniesshops society is helping people on the ground in rebuilding, providing food and clothing and emotional support here

– The wwf_australia accepts donations to help support conservation activities, particularly related to koalas. Money can help provide emergency care during bushfires here

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