Christmas Makeup

Well heeellooowwww there!

How you doin’? 😀 (been binge watching Friends lately and I’ve got Joey’s line stuck in my head ^^)

Christmas is coming and to celebrate the exciting countdown I will show you how to turn yourself into a living and breathing Advent Calendar. The very one you’re always too impatient to open one day at a time only. You know? There’s nothing more inhuman and frustrating than an advent calendar, if you ask me…

And because I…. What’s that? You’ve always wanted to be an advent calendar? I KNOOOOW!!! Me too !!! And I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend 7 hours painting an advent calendar illusion on their chest? Right?

If you’re still reading, it means you’re passed the not-so-fair-question “why the hell would someone paint an advent calendar on their chest?” and you’re ready to move on to the practicals =) So, just for you, little curious one, I’ve made a pictorial (and I will walk you through the 9 steps further down) :

Step By Step

Step 1 : be your natural beautiful self, the best version of you, always =)

Step 2 : brows done, a “few” layers of BB cream and foundation… oh and some contouring and highlighting

Step 3 : do your eye makeup. For this look I used a really gorgeous palette by Profusion, called ‘Chestnut Eyes‘. The colors make me think of me in a comfy wool sweater reading a nice book by the fireplace =)

Step 4 : add lashes (or just mascara if you don’t like looking over dramatic) and some nude lip crayon + translucent gloss

Step 5 : add the 24 squares (including a bigger one in the center, for #24) using a couple square sponges and brown cream paint.

Step 6 : set brown cream paint with a dark brown eyeshadow or contouring powder ; add all the little openings with your lightest cream concealer

Step 7 : add dimension with a very dark brown eyeshadow and for more depth, black eyeshadow

Step 8 : for more realism and to make the openings look more 3D, add light with white cream paint and a light skin tone eyeshadow. You want to put the light in the corners, opposite of the darker zone

Step 9 : grab a real piece of chocolate and act like you’ve opened all your advent calendar doors for the final picture =)


In case you want to actually watch the whole process, here’s the video tutorial !


And finally I’ve listed all the products I used for this look.

– Wet n Wild Beauty, Photofocus liquid foundation, soft beige ; Mega Length Mascara, Black ; Coloricon Brow Pencil, Brunette do it better

– Arison Lashes, D008 false eyelashes

– NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight and Contour Pro Palette ; Epic Ink Liner ; Vinyl Liquid Liner ; White Liquid Liner ; Eyeshadow base, white ; Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette ; #thisiseverything Lip Oil

– Mehron Makeup, Clown White Cream paint ; Mask Cover Palette

– Makeup Revolution, Isn’t it peachy blush palette ; Matte Fix Mattifying Fixing Spray ; Blood Palette ; Eye Scream Highlighter

– Lictin, cream paint palette

– Kraze FX, White paint

– Jane Iredale, PurePressed Eye shadow, Ebony

– Profusion Cosmetics, Chestnut Eyes Palette

– Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Eyeshadow, Brun Café Mat

Superstar, Aqua Face and Body Paint, white

Anyhow, I hope you have a magical Christmas with your family, friends, and loved ones and I will see you soon with another makeup ! <3


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