Spock Makeup

“Live Long And Prosper” – Spock

In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy, the legendary actor and mythical Spock. (Hi, it’s me Sarah by the way, waving at you from under a few layers of makeup 😉 )

Behind the Scene

This makeup transformation was inspired by the movie Star Trek Into Darkness and took me 3 and a half hours (+ about 45 min to make the fake ears??).

Speaking of which, I molded them on my own ears using worbla (a material cosplayers will be familiar with) and then painted them so they’d look more realistic.

Leonard Nimoy’s emblematic eyes were a bit more tricky to achieve because I really wanted my eyes to look like his (and I’m saying this with the utmost respect but by that I mean wrinkled and a bit droopy). At first I thought about simply painting them and using latex to make fake wrinkles but I quickly realised it would never achieve the result I had in mind. At least not with my poor skills with latex lol…

So instead I used tape. I cut a rectangular piece for each eye and glued them about halfway through the lid. Then I pulled the tape slightly downwards so my eyes would become a bit droopy!

It’s not the work of a Hollywood SFX artist BUT it’s the best I could do back then and it worked perfectly for the final shot and for my little youtube video =D

The hair and clothes are painted but I’m also wearing an actual red pull-over over my wrist ?. Just for the final picture to look better I guess ^^

Anyhow, I was very moved when I finished this makeup. Being unable to recognise yourself in the mirror is always such a strange feeling but this transformation, more than any other I’ve done, literally gave me chills !

I loved Leonard Nimoy…?? such a unique voice and charismatic presence. If you’ve never heard him speak you need to RIGHT NOW!

This humble tribute makes me really proud and I hope you will like it too ! ??

Step By Step

I thought you’d like to see the transformation process, just in case you don’t believe I’m actually under there !!! =D


And here’s the tutorial, where you can witness my own bewilderment and watch me giggle as the transformation operates =)

Products used

Patika Paris, Hydra

NYX Professional Makeup, Studio Photogenic Primer ; Born To Glow Foundation, Medium Olive

NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette
Mehron Makeup, Mask Cover Makeup Palette

NARS, Light 5 All Day Luminous Compact Powder

Makeup Revolution, ‘Fierce’ Wild Animal ; Flawless Matte ; Be Crazy About ; Be Obsessed With
NYX Professional Makeup, Cosmic Metals
Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Brun Café

NYX Professional Makeup, Liquid Suede ‘Soft Spoken’
Makeup Revolution, Sugar And Spice Blush Palette

NYX Professional Makeup, White Liquid Liner ; Vinyl Liquid
Maybelline New York, Hyperprecise All Day Matte Liquid Liner, black

Kraze FX, Fundamentals 12 Color Palette
Mehron Makeup, white clown, AQ Paradise Palette (silver)
Snazaroo, Classic Face Paint, gold

Maybelline New York, Face Studio Setting Powder
Makeup Revolution, Mattifying Spray

Mehron Makeup, Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive
– Worbla and heating gun

So what do you think, guys? =D

I’m leaving for now but I will be back with more transformations! Let me know in the comments if there’s a person / character you’d like to see me try and turn into !

“Live long and prosper”


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