Captain Jack Sparrow Makeup

“I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest” – Jack Sparrow

Behind The Scene

Ahoy matey !

Welcome onboard ! If you are planning on turning into the drunk, tottery and dishonest (but impossible not to love) Captain Jack Sparrow, then you have come to the right place !

The picture down below is me, Sarah, and if you want to look just like that, say for a costume party or Halloween or a typical rainy Sunday afternoon, keep reading ! =)

Step By Step

Let’s take a look at the transformation process with the below pictorial !

Turning into Jack Sparrow is mostly contouring (shading and highlighting). Of course, your body language and how drunk you are will make the difference but let’s focus on the face transformation !

You want to think of your face as a blank, flat canvas and use contouring powders to give your features a different shape.

Let’s walk you through the above 9 steps, shall we? Arrgh, weigh anchor !!!

Step 1 : be your beautiful natural self =) Prep your skin with your usual moisturizer or steal your girlfriend’s

Step 2 : block out your eyebrows (unless your eyebrows and Johnny Depp’s are identical !). To block out my eyebrows I use a gluestick and compact powder

Step 3 : paint new eyebrows. Don’t forget Captain Jack Sparrow’s scar. Make sure your new eyebrows are the right color

Step 4 : contouring. In this picture I used a brown contouring powder and started working on the high cheekbones, the nose, the chin area and the lids

Step 5 : highlighting. I used a light cream concealer and highlighted the area above my lips, my cheeks, my nose bridge and my chin. I also used a dark brown eyeshadow to better define my new nose and I painted new nostrils with black eyeliner.

Step 6 : grab your khol and put it all over your lids and on your waterline. Do not worry about it looking messy! The messier the better, savvy =) Then set the khol with a black eyeshadow. Try and shape your lids with the black powder, so they look more like Johnny’s (unless of course you already look like Johnny, in which case you are very lucky, ’cause my oh my isn’t he pretty ?!!)

Step 7 : hide your mouth with liquid foundation and/or compact powder and shape your new lips. I used a couple nude liquid lipsticks to shape mine. Look at picture 6 and then at picture 7. See how dramatically different I look with my new lips???

Step 8 : with a brown and a black crayons, draw the moustache and the beard. You can also use eyeliners. I added a few white hairs at the end, for more realism. For the goatee I used a wig I found on amazon and simply cut two dreds and glued them on my chin. Don’t forget his little cross tattoo on the cheekbone !

Step 9 : Shiver me timbers ! I’m Captain Jack Sparrow ! (put on your hat and costume and don’t go anywhere without your bottle of rum!)


In case the above 9 steps weren’t enough and you want to actually watch the transformation process, here’s my youtube video ! =)

Products Used

Here are all the products I used for this makeup :

– Pai Skincare, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

– Biguine Paris, Compact Powder, ‘HΓ’lΓ©’

– NYX Professional Makeup, Studio Photogenic Primer ; Tinted Brow Mascara, ‘Espresso’ ; Vinyl Liquid Liner ; Highlight and Contour Pro Palette ; Epic Ink Liner ; Liquid Suede Lipstick, ‘Sandstorm‘ + ‘Soft Spoken‘ ; Aquaria Color Palette ; SFX Face & Body Paint, Black ; thisiseverything Lip Oil

– L’OrΓ©al Makeup, Infaillible 24h Fresh Wear Foundation, Radiant Beige ; Color Riche Le Kajal Eye Pencil

Anself, 15 Color Cream Concealer Palette

– Mehron Makeup, White Clown ; Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive

 Jane Iredale, PurePressed Eye Shadow, ‘Ebony

– Graftobian Makeup, Makeup Cocoa Bean Eye Liner

– Maybelline New York, ColorSensational Lip Liner, Red

– Fenty Beauty, Maroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette, Fez Up

Smiffys UK, Pirate Hat with attached dreds

Yaaaarr that’s it for today lads ! I will see you next time with another makeup tutorial !

Take care


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  1. Feji ben says:

    Captain Jack Sparrow one of my favourite characters  on the movie set……..I really like your work from Ursula-little Mermaid to this captain Jack Sparrow, I must say you have done a really great job on this make up the way you structured it shows you are really a professional at it please do well to keep up the good job.

    1. Thank you so much ! Captain Jack sparrow also is one of my favorite characters, Johnny Depp did such a brilliant  job ! =) and recreating him with makeup was a blast! =) 

  2. BlueMoon UniqueFashion says:

    Sarah, you are such an artist that it’s incredible. When I read that you were in the slice, not Jack Sparrow, my first thought was, “How?”. Later, when I looked at the whole makeup process, I couldn’t believe that you were able to achieve such a transformation with only shading and highlighting. So I had to watch the entire video to really believe it!

    1. aaaw thank you so much ! it means the world! You wouldn’t believe what a little bit of light and shadow can do ! πŸ˜€

      thanks for watching the video and for stopping by ! 


  3. Jenny Sleider says:

    This is shockingly cool! The step by step pictures were extremely helpful. My husband is never willing to do makeup, but to look like Captain Jack Sparrow, he said he would! I also love that you listed all the products that you used. Sometimes using a low quality tool just doesn’t have the same effect!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words, I really appreciate it! 

      Captain Jack Sparrow is by far one of my favorite transformations ever and it’s a really cool character to turn into for a guy (or a girl honestly lol) and I’m sure your husband would have a blast if he turned into him for Halloween or a costume party! =)

      And yeah products matter and a good quality product can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to paint. You can do a lot with cheap beauty makeup, it doesn’t have to be Chanel or anything expensive honestly but when it comes to bodypainting I’ve noticed you can’t have the same result when using cheap brands. So I would recommend Snazaroo (they’re really good and come at a very reasonable price) or diamond FX or Supestar. All affordable and excellent quality. The best paint I’ve tried so far is Mehron but they’re more expensive. 

      Anyway, I hope you have a great day and if your husband does turn into Jack Sparrow please send me a picture!



  4. smjtuhin says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I was actually starting to read the article from Curiosity. Oh my God, really I couldn’t believe that “Captain Jack Sparrow” is you. First I read your article and after watching the video then I make sure it is you. I appreciate your creativity. Captain Jack Sparrow is my and my sister’s favorite actor. Who doesn’t want to be similar to Favorite hero? To give my sister, Already I ordered all of the makeup products that you used. And I must say, My sister, will be very happy to receive these products. Besides, I will share your article through other social media platforms So that they may know. And I hope to see more articles and videos from you in the future.

    1. Thank you so much ! Turning into Jack Sparrow has been one of my favorite transformations so far and I’m really really happy you liked it ! =)

      See you ! 


  5. Now it might be February but I am so ready to turn into the captain himself, it’s going take a lot of makeup stealing from my girlfriend but she will not believe the transformation (might challenge her to a lookalike contest), now I do appreciate quite a bit how well explained the transformation is…

    This article is great for a guy who doesn’t know much about makeup!

    Again thanks a lot, I’m ready for 2020 Haloween now!   

    1. ahah I always say it doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up and have fun ! You guys should definitely both turn into Jack Sparrow and do an imitation contest! Let me know if you need any help with the transformation ! 

      Thank you for stopping by 


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