Pop Art Makeup

A Lil’ bit of History!

Pop Art began in the 1950s, but became very popular in the 1960s. It started in the United Kingdom, but became a true art movement in New York City with artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Pop Art uses commercial items and cultural icons like product labels, advertisements, or movie stars that are popular in the modern world.  In a way, Pop Art was a reaction to the seriousness of Abstract Expressionist Art.

Pop Art is meant to be fun !

What’s in My Magic Box?

You don’t have to use exactly the same products as me. Some products I used are expensive or were offered to me on Christmas and I would never have bought them lol. But I have found alternative and cheaper products for you. Simply right click on the below images and open link in a new tab. You can also click on the pink underlined words. Hope you’ll find what you need =) 

Bourgeois 123 perfect CC Cream #34

Kiko full coverage concealer #01

Guerlain oil-control pressed powder #01 (not compulsory, but my skin is a bit oily on the T of my face)

Snazaroo professional water-based face & body paint – Black

Snazaroo professional water-based face & body paint – White 

Kiko Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette #2 Elegant Tones 

L’Oréal Glammatte Intensiver Matter Gloss #512

Brushes : smudge eye shadow sticks (for the red dots), eyeshadow brush, lip brush, sponge

Fast Forward Video Tutorial

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How To – Step By Step

Step 1 : apply foundation and concealer on areas that need it. I personally like to use my hands to apply foundation cream and concealer but most people will tell you to use brushes =)

Step 2 : using a regular painting brush =) – relatively thin -,  outline the face with water-based black paint. The line may be continuous or not, depending on the effect you want to create. Leave a small space between the face contour and the black line to create a fixed “mask” effect, a comic book look. 

Step 3 : using an eyeshadow brush, redraw the eyebrows with black paint. You can create a “surprised” or “sad” look (or whatever you want =) ) by drawing a line that goes slightly up. You can practice in front of a mirror and look at your eyebrows movements when you do various expressions. Choose the expression that suits you and copy! =)

Step 4 : draw facial lines to give it its final frozen expression, characteristic of comic books. Draw one or two lines between the eyebrows, a line on each side of the nose (or one if you prefer), one rounded line downward on the chin, a line on each cheek to enhance cheek bones, a long line on the nose and black paint to the interior of the nostrils to create depth and a nice shadow effect. Also, make the outline of the ears to give more relief to the 2D effect. Finally you can highlight the neck bones and clavicles !

Step 5 : with a thin lip brush, outline the lips with black paint, drawing a line slightly above your mouth if this one is rather thin, fill with pétante color like bright red or almost fluorescent candy pink, add a touch of white on the bottom of the lip (and a tiny on top if you like) to create the “shining” effect. Wait until the paint or lipstick has dried before applying the white color, otherwise you will get pink 😉

Step 6 : apply purple or pink (or bright blue) eyeshadow (or water-based paint) on the eyes. You can add some depth by emphasizing the eyebrows and down the hollow interior of the eye with white or a lighter color than the one you used on the eyelids

Step 7 : with a fine brush or an eyeliner draw a black line above the eyes, add a touch back up to create a sexier effect and “false eyelashes” and then draw the line under the eyes, slightly below the lashes.  Also draw a thin black line slightly above the fold of your eyelid. If you have a fairly fine brush you can create false eyelashes top and / or bottom. With a brush or your finger, add white makeup or water-based paint, on the inside of the eyes.

Warning : this is not very pleasant and your sight can be blurry for a few seconds! =)

Step 8 : with a smudge stick eye shadow brush, draw small red (or pink or white according to your taste) dots on your entire face and torso or only parts of it, if you find it more beautiful! There you go! A little mascara if you do not have or false eyelashes and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! I apologize for the improvised and rather impulsive “thank you” message at the end of the video lol, I got nervous ahahah

I’d love to see your pictures of your own pop art makup! 

Cheers =)


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  1. Bryan says:

    Hey Sarah!

    Your site is wonderful , love the contents and cant wait to see all of your tutorials to try them out !
    This make up is really good , and its a sure thing that you’r gift since you do it all on your own and man.. the results..just magnificent ! It is so well done that it is a little bit scary and again beautiful at the same time.

    Cant wait to see what you will do next , i’ll definitely check it out ! 😀

    Cheer’s !

    1. Thank you Bryan, you have made my day, as I’ve been pulling my hair off a lot with this makeup tutorial (wrong lightening, trembling hand, noisy street… lol the list goes on), but I’m satisfied with the result. I only want to help the average guy/girl do something cool with not necessarily expensive makeup or tools. And with their fingers!
      Thanks again for dropping by, it’s very encouraging
      Take care

  2. Wow what a tranformation well done. Personally i’ve not come across that form of pop art but then as a man right !
    Kudos for making the video, speeding it up really works well. Try to be a little less nervous, you look gorgeous you have no need to worry. Just be yourself.
    Nice, well presented & educational post…. encore 🙂

    1. ahah I was nervous hell yes lol.. but oh well, I decided to keep this “failed” cut, with me being myself and nervous lol. I could just not make a thank you message with all the perfect words and the professional tone coming out right lol… I’ll get better, with practice! =)
      Thanks anyway you are very sweet and encouraging!
      Best wishes

  3. Your eye shadow pallet… Must. Has…!! Ironically I’m going to shop for a pallet today! haha!
    Amazing and clear tutorial!

    1. Too bad I don’t have an affiliate link for this amazing kiko pallette. It IS amazing and has all the colors you need on it! Plus it’s very cheap and great quality. Very good choice! Thanks for dropping by and for the words of encouragement!
      Best wishes

  4. C’est fabuleux! D’abord j’adore ce maquillage très artistique, tu devrais essayer de rendre ainsi l’esprit des peintres de tous les temps! Modigliani, Seurat, Munch, Watteau, Picasso, Kandinsnky , Gauguin, Velasquiez, j’en passe -, tu pourrais aisni faire une collection de ” A la manière de … ” super sympa. Bravo en tous cas pour la maîtrise de la technologie et… du pinceau!

    1. Merci ma petite maman chérie! Tu devrais aller voir ma “about me” page, elle t’est dédiée en fait! =)
      Bisous <3

  5. Allo Sarah!
    Wonderful post and video!
    I love pop art so I was happy to get some history on it 🙂 And you obviously know your stuff. The steps are clear, the post is well structured with all your materials listed. And the video is actually really fun to watch! To see the transformation, how you go about it, I love the pop of white on the lips. And thank you for not necessarily editing your ending. makes it more real. It conveys the work and sometimes frustration we all feel. So thank you

    1. Thanks Emily, your comment makes me feel much better about not editing the ending ahahah… I figured, if i’m going to do more of this, I want to be myself and spontaneous. And I can sometimes have a bad temper ahahah but yeah it’s more real I guess =) thanks!!!!
      Best wishes

  6. Shannon says:

    I love the fact that you use your fingers to apply makeup. The information you provided will help many people get more comfortable with the application of makeup.

    1. Hi Shannon
      I know it’s not recommended by makeup artists, but I just love using my fingers…. feeling the textures, knowing exactly how much i’m applying, if I should put more pressure or not… and it’s sometimes easier ! Or maybe I’m just really bad with brushes ahahah, but yeah thanks for noticing this! I would love for people to realize you can do amazing stuff with barely nothing. And with your hands! =)

  7. Hi Sarah, what a great site, I have just sent the link over to my daughter as she would be very interested in this, keep up the good work

    1. Oh Tina, thank you! I hope your daughter won’t be disappointed that there’s only one tutorial so far lol! But it encourages me to make more!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment, it made my day!
      Cheers =)

  8. This looks cool! I love the pop art tutorial. I will share this with my friends 🙂

    1. Thank you Keye, you’re awesome!

  9. Great site Sarah! I really like your layout and design! Looks like you are off to a great start! I am sure you will get a huge group of followers in this niche once you start getting more content up!

    1. Thank you Dan, I really appreciate it! The theme play a great role I have to admit, it’s really gorgeous! =) Now, all I have to do is add great content and be patient!
      All the best
      PS : I’m going to love your website, I’m a work out from home addict!

  10. Wow. You’re a star. I shared your video on FB. I don’t think I’ll try the makeup on myself since there is hair all over my face. I might try it on my bald spot though. 🙂

    1. ahahah you cracked me up, I imagined this makeup on a bald spot… that would be scary! I will think of a cool makeup for people who have a bold spot!
      Take care, thanks for dropping by and for the kind words of support =)

  11. Alfredo says:

    Wow, increible! I love the tutorial video and the step by step! You sure are a talented person, I might try this one on me ha-ha! Just kidding, my daughter Gabriella (8 yrs old) love this one.

    1. Lol I will make a pop art makeup for men =) you’d look great for Halloween!
      Thanks for dropping by and for the nice comment! it means a lot to me

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