31 Days of Halloween

Some spend a lifetime preparing for the climbing of Mt. Everest, others train relentlessly to run marathons… I set myself the challenge of creating 31 different makeups for Halloween 2019.

One makeup a day. For 31 days. And trust me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. It’s no Everest climbing or running marathons but then again… it kinda is lol.

The 31 makeups took 4 months of my life (from July 1st to October 31st), 7 days a week because when I wasn’t filming myself I was editing the previous video and/or making the props for the next or doing research for another. Or all at once, really ^^

And the more time went by the more I looked like a zombie… Which was good, ’cause it was Halloween… but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it! The last 3-4 makeups were sooooo hard to do. I just couldn’t grab a brush O.O It was like being 11 again and dragging my feet to school …

Anyway, I survived (barely) the crazy challenge and have already created a ‘Halloween 2020’ folder on my desktop =D (note to myself : might start in June next year though, just so I don’t end up looking like the challenge was in fact to not sleep at all ^^)

But enough rambling, I will let you check out my little babies, now =) Click on the pictures to watch the tutorials on youtube.

Day 1 - Jack O Lantern
Day 2 - Wonder Woman
Day 3 - Cracked Doll
Day 4 - Cute Fawn
Day 5 - Glam Half Skull
Day 6 - Cat Woman
Day 7 - Stitched Up
Day 8 - Cute Clown
Day 9 - Chucky
Day 10 - Flesh Mask
Day11 - Mummy
Day 12 - Corset Eyes
Day 13 - Lucifer
Day 14 - Captain Jack Sparrow
Day 15 - Ventriloquist Dummy
Day 16 - Egyptian Queen
Day 17 - Huge Lips
Day 18 - Cheshire Cat
Day 19 - Sliced Face
Day 20 - OMG Emoji
Day 21 - Alien
Day 22 - Twisty The Clown
Day 23 - Toothed Face
Day 24 - The Other Mother
Day 25 - Iron Face
Day 26 - Pop Art Zombie
Day 27 - Voodoo Doll
Day 28 - Joker
Day 29 - Ghostface (Scream)
Day 30 - Emilie (The Corpse Bride)
Day 31 - Creepy Night

Let me know in the comments which one’s your favorite and what you’d like me to turn into next year !!


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  1. Joseph William says:

    Such amazing work! Your are such a talent and a massive inspiration! Love this site it’s so interesting with your amazon top picks and the like!

    1. admin says:

      thank you so much !! it means the world… oh and when it comes to Amazon, I pretty much buy everything there, except food ^^ anyway, thank you very much ! take care

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