Get Ready With Me – 2019 Highlights

Well hello there!

I have been tagged by my dear friend Lucile from Lulumaquille on youtube to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video – 2019 Highlights and answer a bunch of questions while doing my makeup !

I wanted to do something “simple” for once and not turn into a villain or a male character or anything completely crazy =) It’s nice sometimes to actually recognize myself in the mirror ^^

Anyhow, this eye makeup was inspired by a very talented girl on instagram called Miaumauve ; you can check out her profile here.

I hope you like this beauty look ; I’m really not used to doing every day makeup tutorials (although I did them when I started my channel but in the end I felt like I wasn’t good at them so I stopped lol) and I know I tend to ramble and be awkward on my videos ahahah but that’s who I am =)

Step by Step

Here’s a little pictorial of the transformation =) and there’s a link to the fast forward tutorial down below !


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2019 Highlights

Now in case you wanted to do that video as well here are the questions you will have to answer (and my answers since I filmed the video in French and there are no subtitles yet lol)

– 1/9 What was your first video in 2019 ?

My first video was a tutorial I filmed around Christmas, an illusion painted on my chest of a jar full of candy and a beauty makeup in the colors of Christmas : green, red and gold.

– 2/9 What was your favorite video in 2019

There are three videos I really liked filming, the first one because I love the eye makeup I did for this one and had been wanting to paint a honey illusion for the longest time ever… and the other ones were just too much fun to film !

– 3/9 What video made you get out of your comfort zone?

Well, the Get Ready With Me definitely got me out of my comfort zone because I’m not used to talking about personal stuff in my tutorials.

But the video that was the most emotional for me to paint was a video I filmed to talk about my insecurities. I opened up about my difficulty to love myself and tendency to compare myself. I talked about the stress I’ve been through over the past three years and about all my health problems and pain resulting from stress. It was a makeup about my battle against my own self to regain self confidence.

– 4/9 What video did you publish on or around your birthday?

On my birthday, March 1st, I posted my Goku video =)

– 5/9 Did you discover new creators in 2019?

I did and here are the ones I mentioned in the video but if you want to discover more artists go to my instagram profile and click on the permanent stories under my bio, called “spread love” (there’s four of them).

chloebodyart : a shapeshifter, extremely talented bodypainter especially when it comes to video games characters. But she can also do beauty looks, abstract and artistic makeups =) She’s a hell of a talented artist and super sweet girl

socarolyne : one of my favorite galleries to look at ! Her eye makeups and pictures are just gorgeous, luminous, colorful and absolutely spot on !! And she’s hilarious ! =)

– emilielov_mua : top 5 NYX FACE AWARDS France, she’s one of the most talented makeup artist I know. She can basically do anything and she’s also a lovely supportive person

kyle_the_captain : I love Kyle, he’s so kind and funny and has so much positive energy ! His gallery is UNIQUE. Every time he posts something I’m like “damn that’s beautiful”… the light in the pictures, the choice of colors, the atmosphere… he always takes me somewhere magical ! He’s a true artist !

– 6/9 Did you discover new brands in 2019?

I probably discovered several but the one brand I’m sure about is Makeup Revolution. I love love love their palettes ! And I re discovered a French brand and love their single botanical colors eyeshadows, Yves Rocher.

– 7/9 What is your best memory on youtube in 2019 ?

My best memory is by far posting the NYX Face Awards top 30 Unboxing video ! Such an exciting event in my life, being part of this adventure… and so many products sent by the brand omg!!! I was beyond happy lol

– 8/9 How many videos did you post in 2019 ?

I posted 84 videos, including 31 for Halloween only ^^

– 9/9 What made you proud ?

Two things : being in the top 30 of the NYX Face Awards France was a huge accomplishment for me, as I’m self-taught and not exactly in my twenties anymore and the beauty world is a bit harsh for us fossils who are in their thirties lol. (jk)

But the thing that made me the proudest was to keep doing all my makeups in spite of the very difficult year I went through… I was literally in physical (and mental) pain and distress every single day… having panic attacks, heart burns, irregular heart beats, anxiety, depression… and I wanted to quit and give up on my dream more times than I can say… but I’m proud I didn’t and I’m happy to say I’m starting to feel a lot better since I learned to open up and to be kinder to myself. =)


I’m often asked what products I used so here’s the complete list :


Pai Skincare, Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

Primer & Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer

Maybelline New York, dream MATTE MOUSSE Foundation + Mattifying Primer, Sand 30

Contour, Highlight & Blush

NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Shany Cosmetics, Cream Concealer Palette

Elizabeth Mott, 6 Color Contouring Powder Palette

Makeup Revolution, I Love Revolution ‘Eye See You’ Highlighter

Tarte Cosmetics, 9 Ways To Shine Cheek Wardrobe


NYX Professional Makeup, Eyeshadow Base, White

Makeup Revolution, ‘Rainbow’ Palette

Huda Beauty, Electric Obsessions Palette

Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Eyeshadow, 7 Brun Café Matte

Crayons & Liners

Me Now, Nude Lip Crayon

BYS Cosmetics, 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black

Angelik Iffennecker, ‘Le Sourcil’, Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil


Marcelle Cosmetics, Curling & Lengthening Mascara, Black


NYX Professional Makeup, Lingerie Glitter, Clear


Arison Lashes, 3D False Eyelashes, M02

And that’s all for now, beautiful people ! I will see you very soon with another tutorial and in the meantime, smile, love yourself and laugh a lot !



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