Easter Makeup

I had so much chocolate around Easter that I made myself really grossed out, almost sick. Just looking at chocolate made me gag… So, I solemnly promised the God All Mighty of Chocolate that I would never have it ever again, just like with a really bad hangover when you very seriously swear to your friends you’ll never drink AGAIN […]

Ribbon Illusion Makeup – Celebrating Spring

Welcome to my ?? ‘Unfolding Spring’ ?? Illusion Makeup Tutorial ! Every single year, as the tulips and crocus and fruit trees come out of their long sleep I can’t help but feel the same wonder. I know I should be used by now to the fact that every year flowers bloom again lol but hey! their fragile beauty touches […]

Get Ready With Me – 2019 Highlights

Well hello there! I have been tagged by my dear friend Lucile from Lulumaquille on youtube to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video – 2019 Highlights and answer a bunch of questions while doing my makeup ! I wanted to do something “simple” for once and not turn into a villain or a male character or anything completely crazy […]

Toonme Challenge

If you’re a digital art lover and spend some time on social media, your feed has probably been taken over, at some point, by pictures of people with their face looking half like a cartoon. This trend was the #ToonMe challenge and it was kicked off by artist & illustrator René Córdova (unless I got it completely wrong, in which […]

Cherry Blossoms Makeup

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world but it doesn’t feel like winter at all here in the South West of France, even though it’s February 5th and we’re normally freezing our asses off at this time of the year. Actually it’s been so warm these last few days that me and my […]

Metallic Blue Makeup

Hey guys! Welcome to my trendy Smokey, Metallic Blue makeup tutorial ! =) With step by step pictures, a video and links to all the products I used or products I recommend… ! This look is very easy to do and the result is gorgeous! Try it, dare wearing blue! =) Final Look Click on the pictures to view them […]

Purple and Gold Makeup

Hey there ! So after what has been a really crazy month of October, (I did almost 30 makeups!) I decided to let my skin rest for a couple weeks and give you a more “classic” makeup tutorial. This is the very first one of what I hope will be a loooong series of ‘every day makeup tutorials’…  and I […]