Toonme Challenge

If you’re a digital art lover and spend some time on social media, your feed has probably been taken over, at some point, by pictures of people with their face looking half like a cartoon.

This trend was the #ToonMe challenge and it was kicked off by artist & illustrator René Córdova (unless I got it completely wrong, in which case please let me know in the comments).

I couldn’t resist giving this #toonme challenge a try, with a twist, since my version is not digital art but makeup!

I also wanted my “toonme” transformation to evoke magic and so I decided to create a few accessories :

  • a flask full of “toonme” magic potion
  • its cork with a cartoon looking potion drop on it
  • a cartoon looking lock of hair
  • half of my strapless top that would also look like a cartoon

Sure, the accessories took me longer than the makeup itself and ended up in the trash (except for the little flask, I just loved it too much) but who cares!

Oh, and the challenge is no longer super popular on social media because I always find out about trends weeks after everybody’s raged about them -_- and they’re now like “oh no not that trend again” lol.

But I don’t care ! Trends come and go.

I had a really good time turning half myself into a cartoon and I want to share the transformation process with you ! 🙂

Let’s take a look at the step by step pic, shall we?

Step By Step

The makeup took me about 5 hours. It might sound like a long time but I had to take pictures and film and I talk a lot while I film lol… also I wasted quite some time at the end while trying to take the right pictures for Instagram, because I had a hard time holding the flask in one hand and the cork in the other while clicking the button on my remote… also my silly tiktok challenge didn’t help but that’s another story ^^ (you can follow me on tiktok by the way, I post all kinds of weird makeup videos there lol)

See? I told you I talk a lot lol. Now, let’s get back to business. The pictorial.

Step 1

Be your natural, beautiful self. Always the best version of yourself, remember !

Prep your skin with moisturizer.

Step 2

Apply foundation, do some contouring, do your brow (if they’re annoying like me and stopped growing due to excessive tweezing), put on a little bit of blush and highlight.

Step 3

Do your eye makeup, put on false eyelashes for extra drama and do your lips.

Step 4

Block out your other eyebrow with glue stick and compact powder.

Put on a slightly lighter foundation on the ‘toon’ side of your face.

Use the same lip crayon (or lipstick) you used on the other side, go slightly overboard so your toon lips will look bigger, outline the outer corner of your upper lip with a a dark purple eyeshadow and then outliner the toon lips with brown and black eyeliner.

Make the lips look shiny with white paint on the bottom lip.

Add a shadow below the bottom lip and draw a curved small brown line. This will give your lips a more cartoony finish.

Step 5

Contour the shape of your nose with a dark brow contouring powder. Then using brown and black eyeliners, draw cartoon lines around the tip and nostrils.

Highlight with light contouring powder and make the nose shiny with two white dots on the tip of your nose and on the outside of the nostril.

Step 6

With a white crayon, draw the shape of your toon eye. Draw the pupil. Fill in the white area with white paint, or white crayon or white eyeshadow (use eyeshadow base first for better coverage).

Fill in with your actual eye color. Mine are brown / amber

Step 7

Outline the pupil and the eye. Add an iris (I used the round cap of an eyeliner and put paint on it so it’d be easier to draw a circle on my lid). Have you ever tried to paint a circle on your lid? That’s right ! ^^

Add a winged eyeliner and eyelashes.

Make the eye shine with two white dots inside it, a big one in the upper outside corner and a smaller one in the inner corner.

Do the toon eye makeup as well (over the eyebrow) using the same eyeshadows you used on your other eye

Step 8

With black eyeshadow, draw your toon eyebrow. Add hairs over the brow shape and outline the brow with a black eyeliner.

Step 9

For a more fun picture I glued a fake toon lock of hair and a cartoon looking strapless top (made with paper). I added a few black cartoon style lines on the chest, collar bone, chin, cuppid’s bow… on and because I have a freckle on the left side of my face (the right one on the pic) I decided to put it there, just “slightly” bigger lol.

As you can see I’m also holding the magic flask in one hand and the dripping cork in the other. And voilà ! Job’s done !

Making of the Flask

Here’s a short video of the making of the flask !

Makeup Tutorial

And if my above step by step weren’t clear enough (sorry about that ^^) here’s the tutorial for this makeup !

Products Used

You might be wondering what products I used for this makeup so here’s the complete list :


– Pai Skincare, Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

– NYX Professional Makeup, ‘Born To Glow’  Naturally Radiant Foundation, ‘Medium Olive’ (beauty side)
– Maybelline New York, Dream Matte Mousse Foundation + Mattifying Primer, 30 Sable (toon side)

– NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


– Makeup Revolution, I <3 Revolution, Eye Scream Highlighter 


– Makeup Revolution, ‘Isn’t it Peachy’ Blush Palette 


– Leclerc, ‘Esquisse’ Glue stick
– Biguine Paris, Compact Powder, ‘Hâlé’
– Angelik Iffennecker, Eyebrow Pencil, ‘Le Sourcil’
– Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Eyeshadow, n7 ‘Brun Café Mat’

Me Now, Lip Pencil, nB64, nB66
– NYX Professional Makeup, #thisiseverything Lip Oil (beauty side only)
– Makeup Revolution, ‘Be Obsessed With’ Palette (toon side)


NYX Professional Makeup, Eyeshadow Base, White
 Urban Decay Cosmetics, Naked Palette, ‘Smokey
– Makeup Revolution, ‘Slime’ Palette ; ‘Blood’ Palette ; ‘Flawless Matte‘ Ultra Eyeshadows ; ‘Reloaded‘ Iconic Division Palette

– Profusion, ‘Chestnut‘ Eyes Palette

Face & Body Paint
– Superstar, Aqua Face and Body Paint, ‘Line Black‘ ; ‘White‘ – Mehronmakeup, Clown White Lite
– Snazaroo, Classic Face Paint, Pink

– Kraze FX, 12 Fundamentals Palette
– Makeup Revolution, SFX Ultimate Face Paint Palette 

Crayons & Liners
Me Now, White Crayon
– NYX Professional Makeup, ‘Epic Ink‘ Liner ; White Liquid Liner ; ‘Vinyl‘ Liquid Liner ; Vivid Brights Colored Liquid Liner, ‘Vivid Delight
– BYS Cosmetics, ‘1 Day Tattoo’ Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black
– Maybelline, MasterPrecise Liquid Eyeliner, ‘Forest Brown’

– Makeup Revolution, Matte Fix Mattifying Fixing Spray
– Maybelline New York, ‘Lasting Fix’ Loose Setting Powder 

NYX Professional Makeup, Eye Base, White

– Arison Lashes, False Eyeslahes, M02

If you liked this ToonMe makeup you might also like my SketchMe one ! Check it out here !

I’ll be seeing you soon with another tutorial and in the meantime take care and laugh a lot ! Why? ’cause I said.


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  1. MrBiizy says:

    Wow! Sarah, you’re so skilled. This is really cool. At first, I thought the flask was a real flask not until I saw the video tutorial on how to make the flask. I love art and I must admit that this is very beautiful and stunning. I know of someone back in my school days that does make-up like these. It’s so creative.

    1. admin says:

      thank you so so much ! it means the world =)

  2. LearnToEarn Admin says:

    I couldn’t help wondering how our skin actually reacts to the amount of foundation and make-up applied to it?
    Personally, I have found that my eyes suffer and my skin became dry through use of foundation and make-up.
    Do you have any tips other than moisturiser to use to keep it all natural?

    1. admin says:

      Hi ! I am asked this a lot, how my skin is doing after putting on so much makeup and paint lol. I used to paint myself with really bad paint when I started my youtube channel and to tell you the truth, my skin would suffer badly and get almost burnt at times ( all red and very sensitive)… but over the years I’ve been able to afford better products, containing more natural ingredients and my skin is actually doing pretty good 🙂 I do take care of it a lot by not wearing makeup unless I’m filming a tutorial, doing hydrating masks, protecting it from the sun, etc. And I got a good skin from my mama’s side, so it helps lol. 

      As for keeping your skin natural, well of course moisturizing is the key and I have a preference for anything oil, the product that works best for me is organic rosehip oil by Pai. Sometimes I put on a CC cream because I don’t really like wearing foundation much and I find that CC cream really looks natural. If makes your skin a bit less shiny and conceals blemishes…)

      I hope this helps and thank you for stopping by ! 



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