Master Roshi Makeup – Dragon Ball Z

Do your legs hurt? Cause you’ve been running all through my dreams! – Master Roshi I love Master Roshi ! He’s such a pervert lol.. but in a cute way (if that makes sense ^^). So when I decided I’d do a Dragon Ball Z makeup series, of course I had to turn into the old Turtle Hermit ! He’s […]

Naruto Makeup

Many of you (in comparison to how many people are following me and sending me requests … so 10 people 🙂 )have asked me to turn into Naruto, so here he is ! 😀 I hope you’ll like it ; I know the nose kinda looks like a little moustache lol but that’s honestly what it looked like on the […]

Toonme Challenge

If you’re a digital art lover and spend some time on social media, your feed has probably been taken over, at some point, by pictures of people with their face looking half like a cartoon. This trend was the #ToonMe challenge and it was kicked off by artist & illustrator René Córdova (unless I got it completely wrong, in which […]

Vegeta Makeup

I’m a sucker for DBZ – and animes, really (by the way thank you Netflix for ruining my social life ^^) and when I was a child I was kinda in love with Vegeta. I don’t know why, ’cause he’s really always grumpy but I just had a thing for the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. Oh and I […]