Vegeta Makeup

I’m a sucker for DBZ – and animes, really (by the way thank you Netflix for ruining my social life ^^) and when I was a child I was kinda in love with Vegeta. I don’t know why, ’cause he’s really always grumpy but I just had a thing for the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. Oh and I loved his voice (♥ω♥*)

Anyhow, my love for Vegeta and enthusiasm for makeup collided the other day and gave birth to one of the most fun makeups I’ve ever done ! The most fun part definitely was the dancing over Daft Punk “Get Lucky” while looking like Vegeta ^^… Can you picture it? (and yes I did film it. =D)

Anyway, this makeup was my second Dragon Ball Z bodypaint (after Goku) and definitely not the last (actually my next one might be Bulma or Master Roshi) !!

And now let’s take a look at the transformation process !

Step by Step

Can we all take a moment and reflect on my face on picture #3 and #4? lol thank you !

Step 1

Be your natural, beautiful self =) and prep your skin for a 4 hour transformation. And if you think that’s too long try painting Kratos for 12 hours …

Step 2

Block out your eyebrows with a gluestick and compact powder.

Step 3

Glue Vegeta’s hair on your face (avoid hair, you’ll thank me later). Then make a face, because, why not?

Step 4

Glue the ears and trust me, you’ll make the exact same face when you look at yourself in the mirror. Unless of course you already have the same ears … oops

Step 5

With a white crayon draw the main areas of Vegeta : the angry mouth, the big (angry) eyes and eyebrows and the costume.

Then fill in the mouth and eyes with white water-activated paint or white oil paint (that you will set with white eyeshadow)

Step 6

Fill in the eyebrows with black paint then set with black eyeshadow. For the pupil, I used the cap of an eyeliner that I covered in paint and applied on my fake eyes, half on the brow and half on the white part. If that makes sense, sorry me French =d

With a felter tip black eyeliner, outline the eyes

Step 7

Ok so a lot happened between pic 6 and pic 7, sorry about that!

Before you do all the shading on Vegeta’s skin you want to add all the black lines that will make you look like a cartoon. Outline the mouth, add a line on the chin, give yourself a tiny anime nose, some wrinkles… Basically just use a reference photo and put all the lines you see, copy that?

Then with contouring powder you’re going to give your face some dimension. Use a dark brown for shading and then for highlighting I used a white oil paint by Mehron (clown white lite) and set it with loose powder.

Now that you’re done with the face you can move on to the costume part. Fill in the chest area with white oil paint. Leave out the straps, arms and neck, which will be gold and blue.

Step 9

Paint your hand white (although you might want to do it at the very end so you don’t ruin your camera too much -_- speaking from experience)

Add a more cartoony style to your costume by doing what you did on your face : shading (use light grey and dark grey), highlighting (use white cream paint) ; for the straps I shaded the yellow paint with a mustard eyeshadow. Add all the black lines with a black eyeliner and that’s about it! =)


I know all you can actually think about is Vegeta dancing to ‘Get Lucky‘ and you’re dying to see it … so I won’t torture you any longer !

Here’s the full tutorial and at the very end, my awesome dance, just for you XD


You might be wondering what products I used for this makeup so here’s the complete list :


Arc En Sels Cosmétiques, Huile de Rose Musquée

NYX Professional Makeup, ‘Born To Glow’ Naturally Radiant Foundation, Medium Olive


Leclerc, Stick de colle ‘Esquisse’

Biguine Paris, Compact Powder, ‘Hâlé’


NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Shany Cosmetics, Cream Foundation and Concealer Palette


Mehron Makeup, Clown White Lite

Diamond FX, ‘Neon Blue Cosmetic‘ Face and Bodypaint ; Green Face Paint (I needed green for my ears because I used a green screen and needed my ears to be invisible =) )

Superstar, Aqua Face and Bodypaint, ‘White‘ ; ‘Line Black

Makeup Revolution, SFX Ultimate Face Paint Palette


Jane Iredale, PurePressed Eye Shadow, ‘Ebony

Makeup Revolution, ‘Flawless Matte‘ Ultra Eyeshadows ; ‘Reloaded‘ Iconic Division Palette ; I Love Revolution, ‘Blood’ Palette


NYX Professional Makeup, ‘Epic Ink’ Liner, Black

BYS Cosmetics, ‘1 Day Tattoo’ Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black

Me Now, Soft Eyeliner Pencil, White


Makeup Revolution, ‘Matte Fix’ Mattifying Setting Spray

Maybelline New York, ‘Lasting Fix’ Loose Setting Powder

Mehron Makeup, Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive

And that is how you turn into your childhood crush ! (one of them, ’cause I was also very much in love with Seiya…)

I will see you soon with another tutorial so make sure you bookmark my little website. Or simply follow me on instagram so you don’t miss my next post! 😉



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  1. Evagreene says:

    OH MY GOSH! This creativity has no match! As I was scrolling through the pictures, what kept rolling through my mind was; no doubt! she thinks outside the box. I also went through your Nutcracker make-up and I sincerely love your make ups.

    My questions is, what inspires your make ups?

    1. Oh my, thank you so much ! It means a lot ! 

      What inspires my makeups? Em, everything. lol It can be a movie or tv show, a video game, a book or simply nature, music, art. I try to challenge myself every time so I can one day do an optical illusion (which I’m obsessed with) and the next decide to do a cartoon looking transformation… I just go with spur of the moment ! =) 


  2. Kingsking says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I will rreally loved to put up this appearance in our forthcoming Church Carnival. Four hours or there about seems to be really long but the finished outlook worth it though I have dark skin. But my question is wouldn’t the Glue affect the hairs or do I need to have it completely shaved? Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi there ! 

      Well first, thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it! 🙂

      Then, regarding for the glue ,you might want to avoid putting it on your hair (especially if you’re going to use spirit gum) because it hurts a bit when you remove it lol. Shaving your beard or moustache would be better and make it easier to apply the paint and makeup on but you don’t need to shave your head of course lol. You don’t have to use spirit gum to glue the pieces of paper, you can use a regular school glue stick but it just might not stick as efficiently as spirit gum. 

      It doesn’t really make a different that your skin is dark, it’s fine, you can start by applying a primer, which will help all the pigment be more bright. Just don’t apply too many layers of paint because depending on what brand you’re using the paint might crack if put in too many layers 🙂

      Cheers !


  3. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i just got to realize that it is actually this vegeta makeup that is been used in most of our plays and movies. i am really excited learning this.

  4. What a cool site. at first I thought it was done in Photoshop. it looks very realistic. almost like an actual cartoon. You definitely win the award for the funnest post that I’ve ever read. Best Makeup site ever. Maybe you could get people to pay you 2 Turn them into their favourite DMZ character.

    1. ahah thank you so much ! you’ve made my day ! And that is actually a pretty good idea lol, getting paid to turn into their favorite character !! Do you have one?? ^^just kidding lol

      thanks for stopping by ! see ya


  5. Adam Brzowski says:

    I am fascinated with individuals like yourself. To have such an artistic brain is a special gift. I have always loved art and always wanted to have the ability to put my visions on a canvas of some sort. I just don’t have that kind of talent. I think you artists are born with some special brain. I am lucky to pull off a stick figure. Do you do other types of art?

    1. oh “pull off a stick figure” ahah you should see me play pictionary, I get so nervous I can barely draw ! lol. You know, when I started my makeup business I couldn’t do half the things I do now, so it’s all about patience and practicing. I’m sure you could learn to draw or paint or sculpt or anything artistic, as long as you set your mind to it ! 

      Do I do other types of art? Em, I play the piano I guess… and build wood stuff but mostly I draw and paint 🙂

      Anyhow thank you very much for stopping by and for the kind words of support ! I really appreciate it

      Take care


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