Goku Fan Art – Bodypaint

“The sea is so salty because everyone pees in it” – Goku

I was initially going to quote Goku raving about food but then I stumbled upon the above gem and thought it made no sense at all… ? and was therefore perfect !

I mean, Goku can kick a someone’s ass but let’s be honest, he’s a little bit of imbecile ? A baddass, sweet, impossible not to love imbecile, of course.

Anyhow, this makeup is above all for my nephew (I love you !!!?), biggest fan in the world.

And it’s also for you guys of course ! ? I hope you like it ! By the way, it’s the first of my Dragon Ball Z makeup serie, so if you want to also check out my Vegeta bodypaint, click here!

Now let’s look at my Goku transformation process, shall we?

Step by Step

I made a little pictorial for you and will break down the process further down !

Step 1

Be your natural, beautiful self. Prep your skin with moisturizer and a primer (if you want the makeup to last longer).

Step 2

With a gluestick and compact powder, block out your eyebrows. It will make it easier to paint over them. (Note : the glue DOES come off easily in the shower and you will still have eyebrows).

Step 3

With a black crayon, outline the open mouth and eyes

Step 4

Fill in the eyes and teeth with white paint.

Outline the mouth and eyes with black paint or a felter tip black eyeliner. Paint the inside of the mouth with two different reds : a light one for the tongue and a dark one for the rest.

Give some dimension and depth to the open mouth by shading the edges with a black eyeshadow.

Step 5

Paint Goku’s hair on your foreheard (the rest of the hair will be paper)

With black paint (or a black eyeliner), add the pupils in the inner corners of the eyes, outline the face to give it a more cartoony finish and draw all the facial lines (don’t forget his tiny little nose).

If you want to give more dimension to your Goku bodypaint, you can add a shadow to one side of your face. It will make you look like a comic.

Step 6

I added a little sweat drop on the side of my left eye =)

Paint orange straps and a dark blue costume.

Step 7

Give more dimension to your neck and shoulder and also give your Goku a cartoon finish by shading the skin with a dark cream concealer (or dark foundation or dark skin tone paint).

Step 8

Do all the highlights. This will bring out the muscles and also enhance the cartoon style.

Outline Goku’s clothes and muscles with black paint.

Step 9

Glue the hair and ears (or put on a wig if you have one) and say cheeeeese


Here’s a fast forward tutorial of the makeup !


Some of you might be wondering what products I used, so here they are !

Skin Prep

Pai, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 

Bodypaint and Makeup

Bourjois Paris, Air Mat Undetectable Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige

Maybelline New York, Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black

Snazaroo, Water-Activated Paint, Black, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Red, Pink

Mehron Makeup, White Clown

Elizabeth Mott, 6 Color Contouring Palette

I made Goku’s hair with Canson paper paper and Mehron Makeup AQ Paradise Palette

Brushes, sponges & beauty blenders

Beauty Blender

– Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)

– Nicpro Detail Paint Brush Set,7 PCS

– Elixir Beauty 16 Sponges Non-Latex Oil Resistant for All Skin Types by Cala

Setting spray

– NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting

And that’s how you become Goku !

Say hi in the comments, leave me a request or ask any question you have! If you love halloween, check out my 31 Halloween makeups ! =D

And see you soon with another makeup!


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