Goku Fan Art – Bodypaint

“The sea is so salty because everyone pees in it” – Goku

I was initially going to quote Goku raving about food but then I stumbled upon the above gem and thought it made no sense at all… 🤔 and was therefore perfect !

I mean, Goku can kick a someone’s ass but let’s be honest, he’s a little bit of imbecile 🤣 A baddass, sweet, impossible not to love imbecile, of course.

Anyhow, this makeup is above all for my nephew (I love you !!!😘), biggest fan in the world.

And it’s also for you guys of course ! 😬 I hope you like it ! By the way, it’s the first of my Dragon Ball Z makeup serie, so if you want to also check out my Vegeta bodypaint, click here!

Now let’s look at my Goku transformation process, shall we?

Step by Step

I made a little pictorial for you and will break down the process further down !

Step 1

Be your natural, beautiful self. Prep your skin with moisturizer and a primer (if you want the makeup to last longer).

Step 2

With a gluestick and compact powder, block out your eyebrows. It will make it easier to paint over them. (Note : the glue DOES come off easily in the shower and you will still have eyebrows).

Step 3

With a black crayon, outline the open mouth and eyes

Step 4

Fill in the eyes and teeth with white paint.

Outline the mouth and eyes with black paint or a felter tip black eyeliner. Paint the inside of the mouth with two different reds : a light one for the tongue and a dark one for the rest.

Give some dimension and depth to the open mouth by shading the edges with a black eyeshadow.

Step 5

Paint Goku’s hair on your foreheard (the rest of the hair will be paper)

With black paint (or a black eyeliner), add the pupils in the inner corners of the eyes, outline the face to give it a more cartoony finish and draw all the facial lines (don’t forget his tiny little nose).

If you want to give more dimension to your Goku bodypaint, you can add a shadow to one side of your face. It will make you look like a comic.

Step 6

I added a little sweat drop on the side of my left eye =)

Paint orange straps and a dark blue costume.

Step 7

Give more dimension to your neck and shoulder and also give your Goku a cartoon finish by shading the skin with a dark cream concealer (or dark foundation or dark skin tone paint).

Step 8

Do all the highlights. This will bring out the muscles and also enhance the cartoon style.

Outline Goku’s clothes and muscles with black paint.

Step 9

Glue the hair and ears (or put on a wig if you have one) and say cheeeeese


Here’s a fast forward tutorial of the makeup !


Some of you might be wondering what products I used, so here they are !

Skin Prep

Pai, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 

Bodypaint and Makeup

Bourjois Paris, Air Mat Undetectable Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige

Maybelline New York, Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black

Snazaroo, Water-Activated Paint, Black, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Red, Pink

Mehron Makeup, White Clown

Elizabeth Mott, 6 Color Contouring Palette

I made Goku’s hair with Canson paper paper and Mehron Makeup AQ Paradise Palette

Brushes, sponges & beauty blenders

Beauty Blender

– Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)

– Nicpro Detail Paint Brush Set,7 PCS

– Elixir Beauty 16 Sponges Non-Latex Oil Resistant for All Skin Types by Cala

Setting spray

– NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting

And that’s how you become Goku !

Say hi in the comments, leave me a request or ask any question you have! If you love halloween, check out my 31 Halloween makeups ! =D

And see you soon with another makeup!


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