NYX Face Awards 2020 – Free Challenge – ButterElf

La canicule a faillit avoir ma peau mais j’ai quand même pu finir ce makeup que je présente pour la nouvelle édition des Nyx FA France 2020 ! Avec toutes ces choses sombres et angoissantes qui se passent dans le monde, j’avais envie d’incarner quelque chose de coloré et de féérique. Léger, comme un papillon. Magique comme un elf. Et […]

Get Ready With Me – 2019 Highlights

Well hello there! I have been tagged by my dear friend Lucile from Lulumaquille on youtube to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video – 2019 Highlights and answer a bunch of questions while doing my makeup ! I wanted to do something “simple” for once and not turn into a villain or a male character or anything completely crazy […]

Naruto Makeup

Many of you (in comparison to how many people are following me and sending me requests … so 10 people 🙂 )have asked me to turn into Naruto, so here he is ! 😀 I hope you’ll like it ; I know the nose kinda looks like a little moustache lol but that’s honestly what it looked like on the […]

Not Your Valentine’s Day Makeup

I didn’t want to do a Valentine’s day makeup because, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less about the holiday ?. It’s just I think it should be a celebration of love every day. And since I do love Love I decided to paint about something very personal. Most of you don’t know that but I have been […]

Toonme Challenge

If you’re a digital art lover and spend some time on social media, your feed has probably been taken over, at some point, by pictures of people with their face looking half like a cartoon. This trend was the #ToonMe challenge and it was kicked off by artist & illustrator René Córdova (unless I got it completely wrong, in which […]

Cherry Blossoms Makeup

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world but it doesn’t feel like winter at all here in the South West of France, even though it’s February 5th and we’re normally freezing our asses off at this time of the year. Actually it’s been so warm these last few days that me and my […]

Vegeta Makeup

I’m a sucker for DBZ – and animes, really (by the way thank you Netflix for ruining my social life ^^) and when I was a child I was kinda in love with Vegeta. I don’t know why, ’cause he’s really always grumpy but I just had a thing for the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. Oh and I […]

Dia De Los Muertos Makeup

Of all the vibrant memories I have of my time living in La Paz (BCS, Mexico), Dia de los muertos is one of my most special one. I had no idea what was going on back then, being 17 and not familiar with Mexican culture when I got to school one morning and saw tables piled with skulls and candles […]