Naruto Makeup

Many of you (in comparison to how many people are following me and sending me requests … so 10 people ๐Ÿ™‚ )have asked me to turn into Naruto, so here he is ! ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope you’ll like it ; I know the nose kinda looks like a little moustache lol but that’s honestly what it looked like on the reference photo ^^ and apart from the nose/Hitler moustache I’m pretty happy with the result and had a blast turning into the ninja !

I think I spent a least one hour singing and dancing and doing all kinds of childlike things for my tiktok account lol… silly things that you will get the pleasure (or not lol) to watch soon (so make sure you follow me over there too) ๐Ÿ™‚

And now, without further ado let’s take a look at the tutorial, shall we?

Step by Step

This makeup kept me busy from around 10:30 am until 7 pm. I know it seems like a long time but… yeah I guess it’s a long time lol. The thing is I film everything and take step by step pictures and also waste a lot of time doing stuff for tiktok so… yeah my makeups usually take me a whole day to give birth to !

This Naruto makeup wasn’t particularly difficult because anything cartoon looking is pretty much plain colors and not very detailed. The hardest part for this one was to make sure my Naruto’s eyes weren’t looking in different directions and giving him an imbecile look lol.

Here’s my usual pictorial for you guys :


You can watch me turn into Naruto here :

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I’m often asked what products I use and what my favorite products are so here’s the complete list of makeup I used for my Naruto transformation. If you click on the links (the words that are pink) it’ll open tabs where you can purchase the products and if you do, a BIG thank you as it helps me mainting this website ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Skin Prep

ย Pai Skincare, Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Creamย 

–ย NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer


– Leclerc, Esquisse Glue Stick

–ย Biguine Paris, Compact Powder, Hรขlรฉ

Foundation & Contouring

Maybelline New York, Dream Matte Mousse Foundationย + Mattifying Primer, 030 Sand

ย NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

–ย Shany Cosmetics, Cream Concealer Palette

– Makeup Revolution, ‘Flawless Matte’ Ultra Eyeshadows

Crayons & Liners

– Me Now, White Crayon

–ย NYX Professional Makeup, Vinyl Liquid Liner, Black ; Vivid Brights Colored Liquid Liner, ‘Vivid Sapphire

– Makeup Revolution, Supreme Dip Liner


–ย Diamond FX, ‘Neon Blue Cosmetic‘ face and body paint ; Green

–ย Superstar, Aqua Face and Bodypaint, Line Black

–ย Snazaroo, Classic Face Paint, White ; Yellow

–ย Mehron Makeup, White Clown Lite

– Makeup Revolution, SFX Ultimate Paint Palette


–ย Makeup Revolution, ‘Integrity‘ ; ‘ Reloaded’ ; ‘Be Crazy About’ ; ‘Blood’ ; ‘Slime’ย  ; ‘Rainbow’ Palettes

– Coastal Scents, 252 Ultimate Palette


–ย ย Maybelline New York, Lasting Fix Loose Setting Powder

– Makeup Revolution, Matte Fix Mattifying Fixing Spray

Mehron Makeup, Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive

This makeup is one of my favorite and I might do more Naruto characters in the future =) so let me know in the comments if there is one in particular you’d like me to turn into and if you want to see my Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z makeup, click here !

See you very soon



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