The Corpse Bride Makeup

Welcome to my ‘Corpse Bride‘ makeup tutorial !

Emilie from the Corpse Bride is still one of the most popular makeups for Halloween so if you are planning on turning into her, you have come to the right place !

I will show you how to look like her, every step of the way, with pictures and video and even a list of products you can use.

But first let’s take a look at a little pictorial I made for you guys =)

Step By Step

I love taking step by step pictures because they can really help you understand the transformation process. Plus comparing the first picture with the last never cease to amaze me 😉

Note : you will find more info on the products I used at the bottom of the page

Step 1 : be your natural beautiful self, the best version of you =) always

Step 2 : block out your eyebrows (it will make it easier to paint over them). I use a glue stick (don’t worry it comes off easily in the shower :), you won’t lose your eyebrows) and compact powder

Step 3 : with a white pencil draw the shape of the eyes, the cheeks, the neck and shoulders

Step 4 : fill in Emilie’s body with light blue paint and the eyes with white paint

Step 5 : contour and highlight the face. White on the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and dark blue on the forehead and cheek bones. Then with a black eyeliner you want to add the eyebrow, the lashes and the pupil.

Step 6 : repeat step 5 and add the nostrils (using your black eyeliner). Contour the nose so it looks super thin, almost skeletal

Step 7 : add a couple dimples using eyeshadow and then paint the lips. You can use liquid lipstick (or paint) but you want to overdraw them so the look really plump and have that cartoony sexy look. Optional : paint the bones on one of the arms

Step 8 : optional : add the wound on one of the cheeks and give the bones on the arm more dimension by shading and highlighting it. I also made the torso look more realistic by giving it a rotten aspect.

Step 9 : you’re done! Put on a blue wig or dye your hair and if you are a bit crafty you can make your own tiara. I used a thin headband and glued white roses I bought at the store on it. Took 5 minutes 🙂


You can watch me turn into Emilie from the Corpse Bride in the below video =)


Now don’t judge, I know it’s a long list but here are all the products I used for this makeup =) :

Antipodes Skincare, Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream 

NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer ; Epic Ink Liner ; Eyeshadow Base, White ; Aquaria Color Palette

– Kraze FX,  12 Fundamentals palette, light blue

Mehron Makeup, Clown White 

– Makeup Revolution, Matte Fix ; Mat Liquid Lipstick, Bouquet ; Suprime Dip Liner, White ; I love Revolution Eye Scream Highlighter ; Be Crazy About Palette ; SFX Metallic Face Paint Palette , white ; Flawless Matte Ultra Eyeshadows ; Haunted House Palette ; Rainbow Palette

NARS, All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, Light 5 ‘Fiji‘ ; 

Superstar, Aqua Face and Bodypaint, Black, white, blue

Diamond FX, Facepaint, Neon Blue Cosmetic

Maybelline New York, FaceStudio Setting Powder

I hope this tutorial was helpful =) If you want to see more halloween makeups type in a keyword in the search bar at the top of the page or visit my halloween makeups page !

Take care


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