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Venice Carnival

I was lucky to visit Venice once and to this day, it is undoubtedly the most mysterious and fascinating (and romantic!) city I have ever been to! My favorite thing to do in Venice was wandering around and getting lost in the shady streets, until I would find myself at a little square that has a beautiful fountain or an ice cream shop… (man those ice creams…. !!!)I wasn’t there during the amazing annual carnival though but I will make sure I attend it before I die! =D

The Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. It’s world famous and unique, a bit like the Carnival of Rio (except for the ladies showing a lot of flesh lol). The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, fifty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday (Martedì Grasso or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday.

The Carnival of Venice was initially held in the 11th century and consisted of over two months of festivities, until it fell into decline during the 18th century … But it is now a great excuse to put on a mask and costume, parade around the city, enjoy music in St. Mark’s square, take  pictures of all the amazing outfits and above all, have lots of fun!

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My Final Look

This is what the final makeup looks like! =) Pretty cool, huh?

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Video Tutorial

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1) Clean up your face, 2) apply moisturizer and even some BB cream if you need to hide some imperfections ! =) Face paint makes your skin quite dry so you really want to pret your skin carefuly with a nourishing oil (such as a baobab oil )

→ purchase skin oils here


3 ) With a fine brush and white + a tiny bit of red and yellow paint (you want the final color to approach a natural light skin tone), draw a profile face on the left (or right) of your face


4) Repeat step 3) this time on the other side of your face =) Don’t worry too much about symetry or being perfect… if your faces look funny, just say you got inspiration from Picasso! xD


5) Fill in (except for the area below your lower lip) with the same color your used to draw the two faces

img_20160918_1001366) Fill in your upper lip (and slightly above) with red paintimg_20160918_101321

7) With the same red paint, draw a sad (or happy,  or screaming… it’s up to you) mouth on one side of your face


8) Repeat step 7) but this time draw a happy (or sad or screaming depending on what you did prior to this one) mouth on the other side of your face


9) With white paint and a fine brush, draw a mask (you can use this template) Fill in half of the mask with gold paint. If you are patient enough you can add some adornments on your front head (such as these or these more simple ones)

img_20160918_10484410) With black paint, draw the “Arlequin” gridlines (pattern here)

img_20160918_11141511) Fill in all the diamonds with black paint


12) Fill in all the remaining diamonds with white paint

img_20160918_11512613) Fill in the gap below your upper lip with black paint


14) Add depth to your ornments with bronze, brown and white paint. Fill in the side of your extra faces with black paint, contour your fronthead with black paint as well so the makeup will look even more like a maskimg_20160918_124714

15) Create a shadow all around the mask (the gold and Arlequin mask) : start with black eyeshadow and a thin brush, blend in with dark grey eyesdhadow

img_20160918_12534716 ) Make the fake noses and mouths more realistic (see video here, the video will start where I’m adding more details to the noses and mouth =) )


The Products I Used

For this look I used mostly paint and black and grey eyeshadow. I created various other colors with the basic water paint (pink, bronze, brown, nude, purple…) Go here if you don’t know how to create colors with paint =)

Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Makeup, White
Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Makeup, Black
Mehron Fantasy FX Liquid Makeup, Red
Mehron Fantasy Liquid Makeup, Yellow
Global Body Art Face Paint, Gold
NYX cosmetics single eyeshadow, raven (black)
NYX cosmetics single eyeshadow, charcoal

Brushes & Sponges (or a beauty blender)

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix Make-Up Setting Spray

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Well that’s it my friends! I believe you now have everything you need to achieve this look (or to create your own Venetian mask). The only thing I can’t give you is patience =)

Thanks for stopping by! You can leave a comment below if you liked this post or if you have any question ; you can also contact me here

Cheers =)


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  1. Wow, I am so glad to have this step by step venetian mask tutorial.
    I love Halloween and this mask is so fun to do for it.
    The step by step you provide makes it so easy to follow so I can’t mess up! LOL even if I did it’s easy to go back to the steps and clean it up.

    Will you be doing more Halloween masks?

    1. Hey !

      Yes I will be doing a lot more halloween masks =) Actually I have planned an October challenge for this year’s halloween : one makeup per day, starting October 1st… so stay tuned! Among the makeups I will be doing
      – harley quinn, the joker, vampire, ursula, maleficent, beetlejuice, witch, devil… and many more!
      Thanks, I hope you have fun doing your own Venetian mask!
      Take care

      1. I am glad you have listed vampire. I love vampire themes and look forward to your tutorial!
        Will it be scary looking?

        1. I love vampires too… Which reminds me of a great book I read, about a witch and a vampire ; it’s called A Discovery of Witches and it’s a trilogy. I read it all the time lol.
          Hmmmm I’m not sure… would you prefer a scary one or a sexy one? or a sexy scary one ? lol

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