Walking Dead Inspired

Zombies are All the Rage these days!

And yet, they date back to the 30’s, did you know? One of the first books to expose western culture to the concept of the “Vodou” zombie was The Magic Island by W.B. Seabrook in 1929. Now you can see zombies everywhere, from music videos, to tv shows, films, video games… and, well makeup tutorials! lol

But what are zombies exactly? 

They’re dead but then not really lol..  Gross creatures, usually mindless and with a silly hunger for human flesh. Old depictions of zombies used to involve magic but modern methods rather invoke a virus. More realistic! There could be zombies among us, because of us!!!!! 😉

Final Look Gallery

I had fun taking pictures of the final look =) This is what you should look like if you follow the tutorial ! Click on the images to zoom in

Fast Forward Video Tutorial

This is a fast forward tutorial, which should help you achieve a perfect zombie look, without fake blood or any expensive accessories. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel =) <3

What’s in my Magic Box ?

You don’t have to use exactly the same products as me. Some products I used are expensive or were offered to me on Christmas and I would never have bought them lol. But I have found alternative and cheaper products for you. Simply right click on the below images and open link in a new tab. You can also click on the pink underlined words. Hope you’ll find what you need =) 

 – Snazaroo – professional water-based  face and body paint – white  

 – Kiko – Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette – Elegant Tones – #02

 – Ingrid Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Palette – #1665-01

 – Maybelline NY – The NUDES Palette

 – Guerlain – KissKiss lips – Excès de rouge – #523

 – Maybelline  NY – Great lash – Blackest Black (I used an old and almost empty one, don’t ruin a freshly bought one ! =) )

 – Guerlain – Double Matte Oil Control Pressed Powder – #01 Light

 – Avène – Thermal Spring Water

 – Sponges (small & medium), smudge eye shadow stick (to create blood splatters), blush brush, lip brush, small shadow brush

How To – Step By Step

More pictures, to illustrate my step by step zombie transformation =) 

Voilà guys! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I had fun doing it! I wanted to do something that looked cool and scary without using any special effects like fake blood or silicon or anything too expensive! Share your own zombie look! =)



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  1. Chris Evans says:

    Ended up on this article through a simple Walking Dead search on Google – was surprised to see what the article was about! Awesome make up quality on display here – very impressed 🙂

    1. Hey Chris! =)
      Thank you, you made my day! lol

  2. The make-up is amazing. I like the step by step instructions, that way you can do it at home. It’s good to see the before and after shots. Just goes to show how much work goes into make someone look like a zombie!

    1. Hi Kylie !
      I’m happy you liked this makeup tutorial =). You are right, anyone can do a fun makeup from home, with basic makeup and very few accessories! I also would recommend this very cheap but great quality brand of makeup


      Thanks again for dropping by and for your kind words!
      Cheers =)

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