Saint Patrick Day Makeup

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day !

Dia dhuit ! (that’s hello in Irish, according to google translate ^^)

Welcome to my St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial !

Have you ever wanted to wear an outrageously green eye makeup and still look fabulous? Then you’ve come to the right place =) (I think lol).

In today’s article I will share with you one of my favorite makeup I’ve ever done : a beautiful gradient of gold and green with matching green lips, combined with an optical illusion painted on my chest, of a cute leprechaun chasing a rainbow ribbon through a key hole =) (yeah it’s pretty specific, don’t ask, this is what came out of my brain)

When I finished drawing a quick draft for this makeup I was sure it was going to take me, at MOOOOST, 4 hours. It turns out I put down my brushes after 8 hours 45 minutes lol …

I won’t be painting rainbows for a  loooong time, mark my words! And now I fully understand why people use split cakes ? Bless them lol, it would have made my life sooooo much easier by saving me a few hours ahahah but oh well, why make things simple when you can make them complicated, right?

But anyhow, let’s look at the transformation process, shall we?

Step by Step

If you follow me on Instagram you know I love pictorials because with them, I get to show you the step by steps, which I’m obsessed with =) So here’s my little pictorial for you guys !

Step 1 : be your beautiful natural self and moisturize

Step 2 : I used primer then CC Cream and Foundation. Then I did my brows because the little fuckers won’t grow everywhere lol and I put on some bronzer in the hollow of my cheeks and highlighters on my cupid’s bow, chin, cheeks and tip of my nose.

Step 3 : I did the beauty look. For the eyes I started by applying a cream concealer but you can also use a primer. Then I put on several colors in the following order and from the inner corner to the outer corner : yellow (a warm yellow, like the egg yolk), light green, green, dark green, black. Then I went back to the inner corner and with my finger I added a light yellow and some highlighter on top. I put on false eyelashes and did my lips very simply, by putting the same dark eyeshadow I used on my eyes, over my gloss.

Step 4 : with a white crayon I drew the shape of the keyhole, the leprechaun inside, the ribbon and the coins on my shoulder.

Step 5 : I gave my Leprechaun its main colors, using oil paint. Green for the hat, clove and a tiny piece of his costume. Orange for his beard. Brown for the boots and light pink for the nose. I also added a little golden buckle on the hat.

Step 6 : here I gave the Leprechaun a bit more dimension by shading the different part of his body and outfit. Dark green and black on the hat, brown on the beard, read on the nose… and I also highlighted all this with light green, light orange and white. I also started working on the damn rainbow lol by filling it in with white cream paint.

Step 7 : this is the step that took me the longest and if you don’t want to go through the same desperation I went through, just use a split cake ok? lol. Basically what I did is I applied on each color of the rainbow and blended them with one another. It took forever.

Step 8 : here I added the coins on my shoulder. I painted them gold first, using water-activated gold paint. Then I gave them more realism and dimension by shading them and highlighting them.

I then went back to the keyhole and gave it its final 3D effect, by casting shadows and light here and there.

Step 9 : I glued some clovers from the garden and voilà !


If you want to actually see me do the beauty makeup and paint all this, click the play button down below !

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Here are all the products I used for this look :

Pai Skincare, Chamomille & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer ; ‘Born To Glow !’ Highlighting Palette ; Highlight & Contour Pro Palette ; ‘Worth The Hype’ Mascara, Black ; Vivid Brights Colored Liquid Liner, ‘Vivid Halo‘, ‘Vivid Delight’ ; White Liquid Liner ;

L’Oréal Makeup, ‘GlamNude’ CC Cream ; Accord Parfait Foundation, ‘Golden Beige’

Maybelline New York, ‘Lasting Fix’ Loose Setting Powder ; ‘The Nudes‘ Palette ; Soft Kohl Line in Black

Elizabeth Mott, 6 Color Contouring Powder Palette

Makeup Revolution, ‘SFX Ultimate’, ‘Slime’, ‘Reloaded‘ Iconic Division, ‘Integrity‘, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Fierce‘ Palettes

Bys Cosmetics, Festival Palette ; ‘1 Day Tattoo’ Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black

Shany Cosmetics, Cream Contouring Palette

Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Eyeshadows, ‘Vert Forêt Nacré’, ‘Brun Café Mat’, ‘Orange Cosmos Mat’

Arison Lashes M02 False Eyelashes

Mehron Makeup, Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive ; Clown White Lite

Snazaroo, Classic Face Paint, Gold

Superstar, Aqua Face and Body Paint, Line Black, White

Make Up For Ever, ‘Star Powder‘, Pearl Gold

Angelik Iffenneker, ‘Le Sourcil’ Eyebrow Pencil

Me Now, White Crayon

Tops Face, ‘Real Khaki‘ Contact Lenses (Use discount code ‘sarahmagic’ and get 10 % off )

This was my very first St. Patrick’s Day makeup and I really liked how it turned out so I might try and do another one next year ! If there’s anything you’d like me to do let me know in the comments =)

If you like illusion makeups check out this post

and in the meantime see you next week with another tutorial !



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