I’ve always loved illusions.

I remember my parents had a couple illusion books in their library and I’d spend hours with my nose burried in them, trying to figure out how a flat image could appear 3D and how a picture could look like it was in motion. I loved studying the shadows and lights in all the shapes.

As a makeup enthusiast, it is one of my greatest challenges (and obsession) to try and make something look as real as possible. I’m a detail lover, in paintings and in real life. Every little detail matters. Especially the most insignificant ones, sometimes.

When it comes to painting, I am completely self-taught and always learning but I think I am starting to understand how light and shadow work. If you’re going to learn to paint realistic things, pay attention to the details, to the different shades in a color. Don’t look at the main picture (yet), but focus on a small spot and analyse all the different shades and areas of light and shadow.

You will find down below a few illusion makeups that I’ve done over the years, some inspired by the lovely and talented Mimi Choi, aka Mimles, others by simple every day things like honey or a glass of water.

If you are too mesmerized by illusions, you should check out the work of Designdain and Marcello Barenghi. These fantastic artists have different styles but one thing they have in common is their sense of detail, which now you know me a bit more, fascinates me =)


Two Faced
Barb Wire
Burger Face
Christmas Lights
Mimles Mask
Blue Diamond Necklace
Cracked Open Door
Blue Diamond
Glass of Water
Gold Bar
Abstract Layers
Vampire Necklace
Cat Skull
Diadem and Book
Snow Globe
Candy Jar
Candy Attack
It's just an Egg
Sketch Me
Poor out your imagination
Galaxy cubes
Sunglasses and summer vibes
Melting Face
Jack O Lantern
Cracked Doll
Corset Eyes
Lip Fillers Gone Wrong
Sliced Face
Helium Balloons
Peeling Fabulous
The Golden Snitch
Magic Keyhole
Ribbon Face
Sinking Chess Board
Chocolate Egg

I hope you enjoy my humble illusions ; let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like me to try and paint/draw !

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