Joaquin Phoenix Joker Makeup

Of all the disturbing characters ever created, the Joker undoubtedly sits somewhere in the top 5.

Mischievous clown, criminal mastermind slash psychopathic killer, he is also known as Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, the Ace of Knaves, and the Jester of Genocide.

Today I will walk you through Joaquin Phoenix’s makeup inspired transformation !

This is me Sarah on the picture by the way, not Joaquin 😉 But let’s scroll down the page and take a look at the transformation process, shall we?

Step By Step

Check out picture #3 lol… The character had already started building up… by the time I reached picture 9 I was laughing hysterically (and incidentally having an asthma attack lol)

Step 1

be your natural, beautiful self. It’ll always be the best version of you, never forget this ! =)

Step 2

depending on your eyebrows natural shape you might have to modify them so they look like Joaquin Phoenix’s. Mine are thinner and more arched than his straight bushy eyebrows so I reshaped them with black eyeshadow.

Step 3

ok can we ignore how weird I look on this picture? Thank you ^^ Here you’re simply going to grab a white crayon and outline your nose, huge smile and fake eyebrows. You can’t see them on this picture (’cause I forgot them all right) but you also want to outline the triangles under and above your eyes (see next pic)

Step 4

now fill in with white cream paint and leave out the nose, smile and where the blue paint will be (basically it’s four triangles, two on your real eyebrows and two under your eyes). You don’t need to blend in the paint perfectly. Au contraire mes amis, the messier the better ! (and creepier)

Step 5

(yes I did lick the brush. I told you, the Joker was growing on me and taking over my personality lol). Fill in the nose, big smile and eyebrows with red cream paint ; fill in the four triangles with blue cream paint. I then applied a darker blue eyeshadow over the blue paint, to make it look dirty

Step 6

(I look depressed on this picture lol… but then look at the next one, I look so happy! ahahah) If you don’t want to go through too much trouble with this makeup you can skip this step… but if you ask me I think you should still do it because this is what’s going to make you look like Joaquin Phoenix and well, that’s pretty cool right? Here you’re going to contour your face so it doesn’t look like you anymore =) Use black eyeshadow and a reference photo and try and put shadow where you see it on Joaquin Phoenix beautiful features. Don’t forget his scar over his upper lip and his lines around the nose !

Step 7

more contouring, more adding lines (wrinkles mostly) with black eyeshadow

Step 8

now you can highlight all those lines, your lips, the scar and the nose. Paint your hair green, otherwise you’re not the Joker !

Step 9

Put on blue contact lenses (unless of course you have the same eyes as Joaquin =) ) and wear your best costume. If you have a blue shirt and red jacket, even better ! You can now laugh like a maniac and be your new insane self ! :p

Further down I’ve added my youtube tutorial !


I’m not sure you’re ready for my disturbing laugh in this video … but you’ll see I wasn’t lying about the asthma attack =) Click play and watch me turn insane…


For those of you who are wondering what products exactly I used for this makeup, here is the complete list, with, when I could find them, amazon links 🙂

– Weleda, Huile Harmonisante à la Rose Musquée (rosehip oil)

– NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer ; SFX Creme Color, Red ; White Liquid Liner

– Makeup Revolution, ‘Flawless Matte‘ Eyeshadow Palette ; ‘Be Crazy About’ Eyeshadow Palette ; Renaissance Flick Matte Eyeliner

– L’oréal Makeup, Superliner Le Khol, Immaculate Snow

– Superstar, Aqua Face & Bodypaint, White

– Mehron Makeup, setting powder

– Kraze FX, 12 Fundamentals Palette

– Diamond FX, Green ; Light Green Face and Bodypaint

– Coloured Contacts, Tri Tone Blue Contact Lenses

Note : if you need contacts lenses, save money by using a discount code at any of the below two online stores

TTDEYE : Use discount code ‘sarahmagicmakeup’

Topsface : Use discount code ‘sarahmagic’

For more Halloween makeup ideas, check out my 31 Days of Halloween page !

Thank you for visiting my website and see you very soon ! =D


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