Champagne Cork Accident

Did you know that a champagne cork, when popped, goes at 40km per hour? (that’s 24.85 mph).

Imagine this 40 kph cork landing in your face.

It could break your nose or turn you blind in one eye. Seriously, be careful around a bottle of champagne and never let go of the cork when you’ve removed the little metallic cap. Hold on to it and don’t aim yourself or anyone (unless you really hate them. Just kidding)

That being said, this post is not about how to safely open a bottle of champagne but about how to look like you had an unfortunate accident while opening a bottle of champagne =)

Fun fact : this makeup is all special effects you know, 100% fake. Well do you believe me if I tell you that once I removed the makeup I actually had a bruise on my forehead? Like, what the hell? it made me laugh so much and puzzled me… but then I do believe in the power of the mind so… I guess I just really really wanted a realistic looking champagne cork accident makeup !!! 😉

Let’s move on to the practicals. How do you make it look like a cork is half way inside your forehead?

Step by Step

Before I break down the process for you guys, here’s a fun little step by step pictorial !

Step 1

Be your natural beautiful self. =)

Step 2

Use spirit gum to glue the champagne cork on your forehead. Tip : I cut 2/3rd of it so it’d look like it’s really deep inside my skin 😉

Step 3

If you know how to use SFX wax, by all means do lol.. I had to use playdoh because I just can’t work with wax ^^. Whichever you choose to use, you will create a little sausage and wrap it around the cork (put some spirit gum prior to that if you’re using playdoh) and then you want to flatten the edges towards the outside, so they blends in with your real skin. Does it make sense? lol I also added a few cracks here and there with a tweezer.

Step 4

Because I used playdoh I had to add a layer of liquid latex. Once dry I put on two coats of liquid foundation and set it with translucent loose powder. I also put the same foundation on my face.

Step 5

Give the fake wound some bruises. Start with a contouring powder, one shade or two darker than your skin tone

Step 6

Add more bruises : you can use a lot of different eyeshadow colors, such as purple, red, pink, green, blue, black, yellow and “mustard” (not sure that’s what it’s called in English but it is the color of mustard though). To give more depth and a more gross finish to your wound, add red oil paint inside it, between the cork and the fake skin. You can add fake stage blood if you want a glossy and realistic finish =)

Step 7

Now it’s time for the beauty look. Fix your brows if needed (mine don’t grow everywhere for instance so I brush them and fill them in with a brown brow pencil and then some darker eyeshadow). A little bit of contouring here, a little bit of highlighting there (cupid’s bow, tip of the nose, nose bridge, cheekbones and chin). Add some blush

Step 8

For the eyes, I went for a very simple and nude makeup. First I applied a cream concealer on the lids, so the eyeshadows would last longer and be more pigmented. Then I put on a transition color (a nude color), then light brown in the outer corner and stretched towards the middle of the eye and I finished with a dark brown (chocolate) in the very outer corner. A winged eyeliner (black) and false eyelashes (but you can of course wear mascara if you like a more natural look).

Step 9

For the lips, I’m wearing a vinyl red lipstick by Makeup Revolution. It has the most delicious smell in the world !!! I can’t describe it. It’s kinda like diving into a cookie dough jar

Overall this makeup is pretty easy and it can be declined with other things than corks, like a bullet or I don’t know, a fork or a christmas decoration… you name it!


Here’s a little fast forward tutorial for this look =)


Finally, for the curious ones and makeup lovers, here are all the products I used for both the beauty and sfx makeups :

– Pai Skincare, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

– NYX Professional Makeup, HD Studio Photogenic Primer ; ‘Born To Glow!’ Naturally Radiant Foundation, Medium Olive ; Highlight & Contour Pro Palette ; ‘Born To Glow!’ Highlighting Palette ; Epic Ink Liner, Black

– Mehron Makeup, Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive ; Stage Blood

– pink Playdoh (because I can’t figure out how to use that wax I bought lol)

– Makeup Revolution, SFX Liquid Latex ; ‘Isn’t It Peachy’ Blush Palette ; Vinyl Liquid Lipstick, ‘Haunted’

– Maybelline New York, Dream Satin BB, Claire + Bonne mine ; Lasting Fix Loose Setting Powder All Day Matte Finish

– Coastal Scents, 252 Ultimate Palette (they don’t make it anymore unfortunately but you can still check out their awesome other palettes here)

– Imagic Cosmetics, 12 Color Oil Bodypaint

– Wet n Wild Beauty, Coloricon Brow Pencil, ‘Brunettes Do It Better’ ; Mega Length Mascara, ‘Very Black’

– Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Eyeshadow, ‘Brun Café Mat’

– Shany Cosmetics, Cream Foundation and Concealer Palette

– Arison Lashes, D008 False Eyelashes

Oh and I almost forgot…

Happy New Year !!!

I hope you find what you’re looking for in 2020.

Make sure you surround yourself with positive people and find happiness in the small things. They’re honestly the best!

Be yourself.



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