Half Skull Face Makeup

Welcome, Skulls and Makeup lovers !

Today I will guide you through the process of turning into a Glam Half Skull.

The above makeup was part of my 31 Days of Halloween Makeup Challenge and was inspired by one of my favorite makeups to this day, a skull illusion makeup I painted back in July 2018 (see below)

But let’s take a quick look at the transformation process, shall we? And then I’ll explain how to get that half skull look !

Step by Step

The power of makeup fascinates me e-ve-ry single time and I love making a pictorial of the 9 main steps :

Step 1

be your natural, beautiful self =)

Step 2

moisturize your skin and block out one of your eyebrows with a glue stick and compact powder (yes it does come off easily in the shower, don’t worry about losing your eyebrow =) )

Step 3

On the side of your face that will have the beauty look, apply foundation. On the skull half, apply a much lighter foundation or mix your foundation with white cream / liquid paint. For a better illusion you might want to paint the area around the skull black.

Step 4

This step is hard to describe lol… Honestly you might need to watch the tutorial down below. But basically you want to give your skull some texture and realism and to do that you will need brown powder. You can also paint the bone in the nose area and add some depth to it by painting black all around it and by highlighting and shading the bone with white paint and then brown eyeshadow. I hope this makes sense to you

Step 5

You are going to do the same you did with the nose but this time where your eye socket is. Basically you want to paint a black hole where your eye used to be and then you will add dimension and realism by highlighting it and creating fake bones with different shades of beige, brown and white for highlight.

Step 6

Add the teeth with white cream paint and then make them look old and dirty with yellowish and brown eyeshadow. You want to highlight them with white and separate all the teeth with a thin black liquid liner

Step 7

Do you beauty makeup (you don’t have to do the same as me, do whatever look you have in mind if you don’t like mine =) )

Step 8

Initially I wasn’t going to add the vertebrae but I changed my mind at the last minute because I thought the makeup was missing something, so if you want you can paint the bones in your neck (use white cream paint and then set with a very light powder foundation)

Step 9

For a better illusion you want to paint the part of your body that’s not bones in black. Don’t forget to add some detail to the vertebrae, like some cracks and holes… and to do that you will use brown eyeshadow again, black paint to give dimension and white paint for highlights. Again the video tutorial will make all this a lot easier for you I think ! =)


Here’s the tutorial I filmed for this look ! Click play if the above direction made no sense whatsoever lol


Some of you might wonder what that gorgeous lipstick I’m wearing is lol so here’s the complete products list :

Skin prep

Pai, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 

Primer & Concealer

NYX Professional Makeup, Studio Photogenic Primer ; Eye Base, White

Maybelline New York, MasterCamo Color Correcting


L’Oréal Makeup, Infaillible 24h fresh wear foundation, Radiant Beige⁣⁣

Contouring & Blush

NYX Professional Makeup, Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (also used it on my eyes)

⁣- L’Oréal Makeup, Infaillible Blush Paint Palette


NYX Professional Makeup, ‘Born To Glow‘ Palette


NYX Professional Makeup, Aquaria Palette (I used the black)

Coastalscents, Hot Pot, Lavender

Crayons & Liners

L’Oréal Makeup, Superliner Le Khôl, Immaculate Snow⁣

NYX Professional Makeup, Vinyl Liquid Liner ; Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner, Diamond Dust ; Epic Ink Liner

Graftobian, cocoa bean pencil


NYX Professional Makeup, Matte Liquid Lipstick Lingerie, ‘French Maid’


Mehron Makeup, AQ Paradise Palette⁣⁣ ; White Clown ⁣⁣

Snazaroo Classic face paint, brown, white, barely beige


NYX Professional Makeup, SFX Set ; Dewy Finish Setting Spray ⁣⁣


Arison Lashes, 3D False Eyelashes, TD01⁣⁣

I’ve done other types of skulls, in case this one is a bit too complicated or detailed or just not what you’re looking for, and here are a few pics !

What kind of other skulls should I do next time?? Let me know in the comments!!! And see you soon =)


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