NYX Face Awards 2020 – Free Challenge – ButterElf

La canicule a faillit avoir ma peau mais j’ai quand même pu finir ce makeup que je présente pour la nouvelle édition des Nyx FA France 2020 ! Avec toutes ces choses sombres et angoissantes qui se passent dans le monde, j’avais envie d’incarner quelque chose de coloré et de féérique. Léger, comme un papillon. Magique comme un elf. Et […]

Cruella Deville Makeup

“Ugh, if only your wits matched your looks. – Cruella De Vil It’s getting harder and harder to pick disney villains for my tutorials… Perhaps 9 characters in total wasn’t enough? ? There’s just too many badass villains to turn into !! Right? Anyhow, number 6 is Cruella and I love how she turned out… creepy, snarly and sinister! One […]

Master Roshi Makeup – Dragon Ball Z

Do your legs hurt? Cause you’ve been running all through my dreams! – Master Roshi I love Master Roshi ! He’s such a pervert lol.. but in a cute way (if that makes sense ^^). So when I decided I’d do a Dragon Ball Z makeup series, of course I had to turn into the old Turtle Hermit ! He’s […]

Not Your Valentine’s Day Makeup

I didn’t want to do a Valentine’s day makeup because, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less about the holiday ?. It’s just I think it should be a celebration of love every day. And since I do love Love I decided to paint about something very personal. Most of you don’t know that but I have been […]