Cute Killer Clown Makeup

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Welcome to ‘What-Was-Supposed-To-Be-A-Cute-Clown’ makeup tutorial! This clown makeup really started off as a harmless clown : I gave her a pretty little red heart nose and a luscious lollipop… No yellow and sharp teeth, no blood… I just wanted to do something different from Pennywise (at least I thought I did).

With the “It” movie coming out this fall, the nightmarish clown from the Stephen King novel had been aaaaall over instagram and youtube and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. (Yet). 

So I went for a cute clown instead. And I loved it. For about what… 2 seconds? Then I stared again at myself in the mirror and reckoned I looked way too nice and innocent and my makeup lacked a little bit of creepiness  (and blood, let’s be honest). So I put on my Darth Maul contact lenses and covered my chest in blood. Oh and I grabbed my favorite dagger. I only have one dagger actually but it’s still my favorite.

And so my cute clown turned into a not-so-cute killer clown. Sounds more fun, right? =D

I made the lollipop with cardboard, mehron paint and a red ribbon from last year’s christmas that was hanging out in the garage. People might think “girl why go through so much trouble and paint fake objects when you can just buy them at a carnival store or on amazon”. Well for starter, making your own props is cheaper. Then it’s creative and relaxing (at least for me). And every new prop is an exciting challenge ; I want my props to look as realistic as possible so I can keep them for future makeups. In reality I mostly keep them to decorate my house. I’m a little creepy.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this makeup and will have fun recreating it !


Step by Step

Whenever I do a makeup tutorial I always take 9 progress pictures because I just love looking at my normal self and then at the transformed final version ! So here are my 9 step by step pics! Hope they’ll come in useful if you try and recreate this look ! =)



Video Tutorial

I also made a video for this look ; just click the play button if you want to watch the full voice over tutorial.

Now if patience is not your strong suit, I made a much shorter, no voice over, fast forward tutorial =) click here if you’d rather watch this version!

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Products list

Now you might be interested in the products I use, so here’s a complete list of what I’m wearing for this ‘Cute’ Killer Clown makeup :


Skin prep

– Embryolisse Concentrated 24 Hour Miracle Cream (best cream ever, I love love love love it… it smells and feels so good and it’s super hydrating)

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Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palettes (30 Colors)

Lollipop prop

– cardboard

Morphe 10 Color Concealer Palette

– Mehron Liquid Face Paint – Black
– Mehron Liquid Face Paint – White

– Mehron Liquid Face Paints – Red





– Red ribbons


Morphe 11 Piece Brush Set

Foundation and contouring

Face & Body

– Mehron Liquid Face Paint – White

– Mehron Liquid Face Paints – Red

Mehron Liquid Face Paint – Black

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pure Pigments, Black Mystery

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel


Brushes, sponges & beauty blenders

– Beauty Blender
– Makeup Brushes, Start Makers 32+1 Pieces
– Elixir Beauty 16 Sponges Non-Latex Oil Resistant for All Skin Types by Cala


Setting spray

– NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting


And that’s about it for this makeup guys ! I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know in the comments below ! =)

Of course, you don’t have to be as creepy as me, you can always just stick to the Cute Clown makeup and forget about the contacts, dagger and blood! =) Cute is just as fine as creepy

Thanks for visiting my website ! If you want to see more sfx makeup, check out my youtube channel here or feel free to come back on my website !

Cheers !


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