How to Look Older With Makeup

Final Look

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Video Tutorial

 Here’s a video I made for my youtube channel. =)



How To / Step-by-Step

Step 1 : moisturize you skin, always =) I use an organic oil (baobab oil) by Leaf Motiv… I love it at the moment and can’t use anything else lol. It makes my skin as soft as a baby’s butt =D

Step 2 : even out skin with bb cream, you can also use concealer if needed but since you’re doing an old lady, I suggest keeping eyes circles, if you have them =)

Step 3 : apply bonzer or brown powder for the contouring of your face. The idea is to make your bones pop so you look skinnier and well… older !

Step 4 : draw wrinkles on your fronthead, lips, eyes, chin… makes faces so that thin lines will appear and use these expression lines as your wrinkles. This is where you can to put the make up, over the lines. Use a brown, a shade darker than your skin color

Step 5 :

Step 6 :


What’s in my Magic Box?

In this section you will see what I used for this makeup.  Please note that you don’t have to buy expensive products to achieve a similar look ok? In fact I have found products that you might like and that are less expensive than some of the products I used for this makeup. Simply right click on the images below and open in new tab or just click on the underlined pink words ! =)

n in new tab or just click on the underlined pink words ! =)

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