Revlon Eyeliner

Ok, so yesterday I realized I was out of eyeliner, which you’ll agree, is almost as dramatic as running out of mascara (if not actually worse) so I rushed to the local store to purchase a new one. No more drama, my eyes are gonna look glam again soon. Or so I thought. 

I usually wear the Maybelline New York Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner but for some reason I thought it’d be fun to try on a different one! -_- Fun you said? Ugh. It was… interesting, to say the least ! =)
Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

My hand was inexplicably drawn to the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen – Triple Edge, when now I come to think of it, I’m sure there were tons of more attractive and awesome eyeliners … but anyway! Revlon it was ! And I’m really a big fan of Revlon, usually ! I have their great Photoready Concealer and a couple other products that I will always (until I don’t) choose over anything else !

But back to the eye pencil. I grabbed it, smiled at how sharp and sexy and gorgeous that black line would look on my eyes and excitedly went back home. Looking forward to shape that cat eye (turned out it looked more like a “got-drunk-and-stayed-up-all-night-with-my-makeup-on look). You know when you purchase something you think is absolutely pretty and perfect but then when you try it on you’re like “why did I ever buy this?”. Yup. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen definitely fits into that category of pretty disappointing products. And a disappointing makeup product is really NOT COOL ! lol.

So here’s the little devil !

I know, I know… from where you’re standing it looks pretty harmless ! But man… either I’m mentally challenged and can’t figure out how to use it (and trust me I’ve tried tons of different ways ! I was very creative and patient! ) or it’s just one of those products they launch because they are running out of brillant ideas and simply rely on their brand name !

Right, now a good review is a thorough review. So here’s what they claim about the product :

  • #002 Triple Edge, Blackest Black :
    So, I concurve. It does have a triple edge (but whyyyyyyy???) and it’s definitely black. Blackest black I don’t know but black it is.
  • Creates graphic lines:
     It … does? create graphic lines? Although I’m not sure that’s what we want in an eye pen… we want thin stable easy to draw lines, right?
  • Edge felt tip – thin, medium or thick :
    Ok I am probably just dumb but it didn’t feel like it had thin, medium or thick tips… it does have them theoretically but…. when you use them, it doesn’t look good AT ALL ! The thick edge is WAY TOO thick… the medium is thick and the thin is medium, at best ! It feels like you’re using one of those highlighter pens, really. You know, that highlighter you used at school?
  • Intense formula and mess-free application :
    Now, about that intense formula, it IS intense lol… and when it comes to the “mess-free application” uh-uh… mess-free? I think they meant messy. I tried and tried and tried again until my eyelids burned… using aaaall edges… and different pressures, angles, techniques… using eye primer, no primer, eyeshadows… cat eye, normal eye… even ended up with an Amy Winehouse look (which this eye pen is most suited for I guess!)
  • Up to 16 hour wear :
    Finally, it is supposed to last up to 16 hours, which I can’t confirm since I couldn’t even put it on properly without looking like I was drunk or high or simply ridiculous… but I’m sure it does last that long. Not a really comforting thought though when you think of how poor the result on my eyes was.

So, no I wouldn’t recommend this eye pen to you, not even under life threat. It’s got the weeeeeeirdest and most ridiculous and useless tip… a three edge tip that makes it impossible for you to draw a thin, curved and sexy line. At least, for me. Maybe I’m just completely incapable of using my right hand.

This article would not be complete without an actual video of me showing you what a disaster this eye pen is ! So stay tuned, I’m going to upload it pretty soon !!!

  • video coming soon !

Thanks for reading, have a great day and  be your beautiful self!


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