Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Hey girls (and guys!)

I’m super excited to show you my Galaxy/Nebula makeup =)

I was reading a magazine called “Science&Vie” (Science & Life) when I saw this amazing picture of space and more particularly of a nebula… I dropped the magazine and put on my softbox, grabed my camera and makeup and started working!

I love the result and I hope you’ll love it too! =)


Final Look

[supsystic-gallery id=22]

How To – Step by step

1 – Moisterize your skin

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

2 – Apply black facial paint all over your face and ears (I hate putting paint on my ears lol)

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

3 – Use the darkest blue you have in your palette and create “clouds”. Be creative and don’t worry about doing it wrong… any cloud shape should work =). I personnally went for a half blue face

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

4 – With a lighter blue and a sponge create more “clouds” and light/shadow effects. Again don’t try to achieve perfection just put some light blue where you think it’d look good. Or use a real nebula picture to get inspiration. You can also just copy what I did on the below video. =D

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

5 – Add touches of white powder to increase the nebula effect. I recommend putting white powder in the center of the lighter blue eyeshadow. You can also put some white eyeshadow in the center of your lips.

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial
6 – Apply orange eyeshadow on your eye or your fronthead. You don’t have to do exactly the same as me, you can create your own unique nebula =). But I personally put some orange eyeshadow over my right eye and I created a random shape, cloud-like.

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial7 – Add yellow eyeshadow to your orange cloud

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

8 – Now add some purple, green and white… You can put almost any color lol, nebulae are very colorful due to the various gazes they contain. The Nasa picture I used had tons of colors but I picked the dark blue, light blue, orange, yellow, purple and green.

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

9 – Create stars with white facial paint and a fine sharp brush. Add various sizes of stars : start with big ones and then medium and smaller… you can even put super tiny stars very close together, to create some sort of start dust

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

10 – Now the final touch : add four thin lines to the biggest stars. It will look as if they’re shining. Awesome effect guaranteed ! And finally, add some glow to your nebula with eye dust/star powder. I used purple eye dust and white/greenish star powder to make this galaxy look even more sparkling

Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Video Tutorial

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What Products did I use ?

You can use the products you already have at home or purchase what you don’t have for this makeup but you don’t have to use exactly the same as me. I have selected products that I think you might like and that are a bit less expensive than some of the ones I have listed above. Right click on the image to open in a new tab. =)

[supsystic-gallery id=23]

Cheers, have fun doing this makeup and send me your pics! =D


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  1. Wow I love it – it actually works really really well and also makes your lovely brown eyes look gorgeous.

    The first picture you have with you on it twice looks really cosmic. I am wondering how you got that picture effect alone.

    I haven’t tried the face painting yet but I will experiment on my kids with it later as I already have some black, white and red Snazaroo and a palette of colourful eye makeup and some shimmer dust, I reckon I can pull it off.

    I will try and send you a photo of how it turned out later.

    I am stupidly excited because I secretly love face painting but haven’t done it for a while.


    1. admin says:

      Hi Andi !

      Your comment made me smile… especially the part about your being “stupidly excited because” you “secretly love face painting” =D. There’s nothing stupid about being excited… face painting is fun… it’s relaxing and it’s an art form! I can’t wait to see the picture of your galaxy makeup!

      The photo you’re talking about is my youtube thumbnail and I edited it with a website called Panzoid. It’s a really cool and free website! Very easy to use! I do all my thumbnails with it

      Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words and see you around =)


  2. This is so amazing, I LOVE IT!! You’re so talented, but at least I could give it a go while following your tutorial. I’ve attempted to give my kids facepainting before but all the ones I used kind of…..slid right off? It was awful and they just looked a mess, poor kids! lol. I will have to get some decent stuff. Thank you, I will always come to you for these tutorials now!!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you !!!! I’m glad you loved it =D and I can assure you this makeup is far easier than it looks ! If you follow the step-by-step pictures I’m sure the result will look awesome! and it won’t slide right off. If you can apply some “fix makeup spray” but if you don’t you should be fine for a few hours (I kept this makeup for 6 hours and it still looked great when I finally decided it was time to take a shower lol)

      Do send me a pic when you do this makeup (or any other lol)

      Cheers and thanks again =)


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