Welcome to my Halloween Tutorials page ! =) In here you’ll find 48 (and counting!) videos that I’ve created over the last couple years, just for you (and also because I love painting myself ^^)

Feel free to ask me questions







Harley Quinn


Cute Killer Clown


Sugar Skull


Wednesday Adams


The Purge Mask


Freddy Krueger




The creepy Night King White Walker

A two-faced Spiderman (cartoon inspired)

Wonderwoman (Gal Gadot inspired)

Werefolf Steampunk Wounds


The Devil

An Angry Turtle Ninja

Yo ho ho lads! Watch me pirate video, aye!

Cool Deconstructed Batman Mask (but really,  it’s an Indian hero’s mask… sssh no one needs to know)

Metallic Samurai Tiger Mask


An Ecstatic Jafar

Cute/Evil Pumpkin, can’t decide

A Broken Princess : Maleficent

Queen of Hearts (Tim Burton inspired version)

Unzipped Zipper Face & some Flesh, oh yeah ! (no accessories)

The Creepy ‘Billy The Puppet’ from Saw

Last Minute & Easy Comic Girl (for the lazy ones)

Last Minute Easy Half Skull (yup lazy ones again)

Last Minute Easy Vampire (that’s right)

Last Minute Easy Cat

Ursula, Sea Witch & her Crazy Smile


Not all Halloween makeups must be creepy : Cleopatra

Grey Alien

The cutest pokemon, Pikachu

‘Careful with that one lol : Scary Clown

Everybody Loves a Hero : Captain America


Meow? Cat Makeup


Pure Improvisation : Venetian Mask (I just love Venetian masks…)

Guy Fawkes Mask (who? ok… V For Vendetta / The Anonymous then...)



Oh, that’s one of my Favorites! Galaxy – Nebula Inspired

Skull – Cartoon Inspired

Cute/Creepy Broken Doll


Me. Older. Disturbing.


Cute Little Bambi


Pixel/Minecraft Face (for the most patient…)

Black & White Marylin Monroe

A Good Old Mime

Well, there’s no Halloween without A Zombie

My very first video omg lol… Pop Art/Comic Girl