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My fascination with makeup dates back to when as a child,  I would sit on my mom’s bed and watch her do her daily makeup routine. I would wow and ooooh at her and wanted to smell and touch everything. 

My mom is a natural beauty, with large black American Indian eyes and a perfectly shaped mouth. But once her make up is done, she’s a splendor! I can see why my dad fell in love with her at first sight!

I remember watching her doing her smokey eyes and thinking how every part of her face was highlighted, without changing it or removing any of its charm. My mom was always very talented with her hands and has always had quite an artistic eye. I even think at some point she toyed with the idea of becoming a professional makeup artist. She could definitely have. However she chose another branch of the arts : music. But anyway … Here’s the little story that explains how I came to love makeup so much. 

Since that day, I am myself very passionate about makeup : I love the infinite colors, the powdery smells, the soft textures, the incredible effects that you can create and the soothing gestures. Doing my makeup has become more of a relaxing moment than an attempt to be prettier. I am not trying to wear a mask, I’m expressing myself through makeup.

After years of hesitation and doubt I decided to launch my own business and to call it Sarah Magic Makeup. Why this name you might ask? Well, I love Magic (huge Harry Potter fan btw), I love Makeup (duh), makeup IS magic and well, my name is Sarah 😉

Anyway, welcome to Sarah Magic Makeup ! Feel free to leave me a comment and enjoy your visit! xx

All the best! 



  1. Hi Sarah,

    A very beautiful site with the proper theme matching your chosen niche. Excellent.
    Nice images too. The tutorials will enchant everyone who likes this making up ;-). Keep making it better. Many luck !


    1. Sarah says:

      Hey Gregory!
      Thank you for dropping by and for being my very first visitor ! 😉 This website is still just a baby but I am confident it will reflect my passion! I can’t wait to make those tutorials!
      Many thanks for your words of encouragement!
      Cheers =)
      PS : apple rules

  2. hello Sarah, your sites is very attractive , easily will keep visitors on your sites for a long time

    1. Hi ! I hope you’re right about my website keeping visitors! =) Thank you for the words of encouragement… more to come on this new baby of mine!

  3. Merci trésor… C’est toujours doux à une maman de se dire qu’elle a transmis un goût ou une passion!

    1. <3 tu nous as transmis bien plus que ça ! =)

  4. Coucou ma belle !
    Superbe site … Je vais enfin pouvoir me refaire mon trait de eye-liner toute seule, avant qu’on se revoit !!!! Bravo et je te souhaites une vie chatoyante et colorée !!!! Gros bisous

    1. Hehe merci ma belle, tu es mignonne! Je posterai un tuto pour faire le trait de l’eyeliner spécialement pour toi avec une petite dédicace! =)
      Bisous ma chérie, plein de bonheur et d’amour pour toi !

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